Monday, April 7, 2008

Parenting is not for the weak!

Wacky Zacky AND Zany Janie have had the flu for the past 4 long days. I’m not talking about a light touch of the flu, I’m talking about the full on flu with vomiting and diarrhea! It is no fun for anyone involved. It all started Thursday in the middle of the night when Wacky Zacky climbed into my bed. Within seconds of burrowing between Papa Z and me he started to dry heave. Papa Z and I had been sleeping and didn’t realize what was going on. All of a sudden it dawned on us that the retching was coming from our son. I grabbed Wacky Zacky and tried to get out of bed just in time for him to vomit all over the both of us. I will spare you further details of the past few days. But I will say it hasn’t been pretty. Papa Z did try to teach Wacky Zacky how to vomit in the toilet. He explained how he could lift the lid, lean over, and get sick into the toilet. This did not lead to any fluid going into the toilet but has started a trend of Wacky Zacky stating, “I’m sick” as he runs to the toilet, sticks his head in and makes horrible retching noises. It is amusing to watch but I sure wish he would do it in real life not just pretend! Hopefully the kids are on the mend and this experience has further validated for me that parenting is not for the weak!

Zany thought for the day: Learn to live in the “here and now” unless someone is getting sick on you then look to the future and say “this too shall pass”!

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