Friday, April 25, 2008

Second Child Syndrome-Not my baby girl!

I vowed since I found out I was pregnant with my first child that I would not be the mom who had a complete baby book on the first child and an empty book for the second child. I am a second child myself and I have yet to even lay eyes on my baby book! I am an avid scrapbooker and went overboard with Wacky Zacky’s baby scrapbook. The book is a whopping 80 pages, does not lay flat and weighs so much I struggle to pick it up! What can I say, he was my first baby and I was so excited to document everything from his first steps to his first sneeze. Just kidding, I didn’t actually do a page on his first sneeze but you better believe if I knew the date and had a picture it would have been documented! I also used all of the best baby poems on his pages. The scrapbook layouts are all elaborate and I took well over an hour planning and doing each page. I was obsessed! Then Zany Janie came along and things changed…For those of you without kids or with only one child, one child plus one child definitely does not equal two children. It feels more like ten at times! Somehow time began to move at warp speed! So now here I am, Zany Janie is almost 11 months old and I have 32 pages done for her book with 100s of pictures waiting to be scrapbooked! What’s a mom to do? I’ve found that I had to change my style of scrapbooking just to get them done. I now use fewer embellishments and try not to allow myself to agonize over the details. I hope I can reach my goal of 80 pages on her book so the day Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie count the pages to see who mom loves more (you know they will do it!) both books will be equally full! Below are a few layouts I completed in the past few weeks from Zany Janie’s book.

Zany thought of the day: I remember as a child summer vacation seemed to last forever. Time moved much slower then. I vaguely recall older people telling me to enjoy it because when I got older time would fly. I would laugh and guffaw thinking they were losing it. Now I have found that the older I get the quicker time does seem to move. I long for those lazy summer days.


kellykrisser said...

I'm super impressed you've made it this far along. I still have an empty scrapbook and stacks of pictures, paper and stickers for the "wedding scrapbook" I was going to do for myself. Egads!

Anonymous said...

GUFFAW? I have never thought of you as a "guffaw-er"