Thursday, June 5, 2008

Big Brother Duties

Wacky Zacky takes his Big Brother duties very seriously. He loves to tell on Zany Janie when she sneaks his sippy cup, gets into a cabinet that is off limits, sneaks near the stairs, or puts something in her mouth. He likes to dole out food and give her what he thinks is “her fair share” of snacks. At times he has been a helpful little man to have around the house.

There does seem to be a discrepancy between what he thinks his Big Brother duties should include and what we think is right. There’s no rest for the weary and Wacky Zacky was working double time during Zany Janie’s birthday. He decided one of his duties should be to try out all of her new presents before she used them “just to make sure they are safe”. As you can imagine, this caused some ruffled feathers as Wacky Zacky, a two-year-old, was told that those were sissy’s presents and he needed to let her play with them first.

Almost a week has gone by since Zany Janie’s birthday and things have started to settle down. We have realized that Wacky Zacky has decided to adopt one of the twin dolls that Zany Janie received as a gift. Of course it’s the baby girl covered head to toe in pink. When Zany Janie picks up the pink baby girl Wacky Zacky quickly informs her, “No! No Sissy! This is yours!” as he thrusts the blue baby boy her way. What can I say; he has a love for pretty things!

Even though he can take his duties to an extreme, he is a wonderful Big Brother to Zany Janie and she's a lucky little girl to have such a great Brother.

Zany thought of the day: Who were your role models as a child? Did you have a sibling that helped teach you the ropes?

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viv said...

So sweet. It is great that Zacky watches over Zanie and does his big brother "duties". Very cute post! Thanks for sharing!