Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not just your ordinary meat on a stick!

Why do things taste better on a stick? You be the judge: Favored ice or a popsicle? Hot dog or a corn dog? Plain marshmallow or roasted marshmallow? A slab of meat or meat on a stick! See I told you!

I was jumping for joy when I found out Papa Z was planning to make shish kabobs for dinner. And not just your run of the mill shish kabobs for the Zany family. He went all out with shrimp, steak, chicken, scallops, green pepper, tomatoes, onion and pineapple. The combinations were endless!

It was so easy to make-especially since I got to sit back and watch Papa Z in action.
The yummy shish kabobs definitely made for a fun party on my taste buds!
Zany thought of the day: Can you say the word shish kabob without a tiny smile peaking from your lips? It’s such a fun word! What are other words that put a smile on your face?

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Stormy Designs said...

I agree!! Meat on a stick is better! Drooling here.