Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One whiff away from passing out!

Wacky Zacky, Zany Janie, and I made the long 40 minute drive to the hospital to see if Wacky Zacky could have his cast removed. As each mile rolled by I grew more apprehensive about bringing Zany Janie with us. She was in a funk and was not being bashful about telling the whole world about it!

We arrived to the hospital, barreled down the hall with the side-by-side double stroller trying not to run over any toes, checked in, and sat in the waiting room. Zany Janie expressed her displeasure with waiting by squealing a high enough pitched scream that it nearly shattered the glasses of irritated patients waiting for their names to be called.

We were finally called into the cast room where Wacky Zacky's cast was removed. It went better than I had envisioned-which had been to hold a screaming Wacky Zacky down on the table while the techs went at him with a huge saw. Wacky Zacky actually sat on my lap and didn't move a muscle while he watched the tech cut his cast off. Zany Janie screamed the entire time like they were cutting off her toes one by one. I hope a young child was not on the other side of the door waiting to have a cast put on their arm, I'm sure between the noise of the saw and Zany Janie's screaming it would have terrified them! Between the screaming and the noise of the saw I had to just close my eyes and pretend it wasn't happening, until I caught a scent of something that was like none other. I caught a whiff of a 2-year-old's cast that had been on for 14 days during the month of August. The smell shocked me back to reality and I was one whiff away from passing out!

The tech asked if we were going to keep the cast. I was appalled at first thinking; keep that smelly, dirty, nasty thing-No thanks! Then I asked if people usually kept the cast. The tech said that almost everyone keeps the first cast. So I figured since this WILL be Wacky Zacky's last cast we might as well keep it. So I tucked it safely in the storage area of the stroller and we made our way up to the 3rd floor to get an X-ray. What I began to notice as we waited for our turn was that an invisible cloud of funk was following us wherever we went. The smell from the cast could be sensed from a 6 foot radius! I was a bit embarrassed, but pretended I didn't notice as people around us crinkled their noses as we passed.

We got the X-rays, then made our stink filled journey back to the MD's office and waited. At this point Zany Janie was in an uproar because Wacky Zacky was getting all the attention and all the good stickers so she proceeded to turn up the volume on her high pitch scream. We finally saw the MD and were told that Wacky Zacky's arm had healed perfectly. He showed me the X-ray and told me he would see us in two weeks. I looked at him with a puzzled look because I had no idea why we would need to return, then the MD pointed and said, "To get a new cast". I turned to see Wacky Zacky standing in his stroller teetering on the edge about ready to fall over and possibly bring down the screeching Zany Janie in the process.

Zany thought of the day: I know people save odd things from surgeries, MD visits, or even their children's teeth. I think the weirdest thing we have in our house is Wacky Zacky's cast. What's the weirdest thing you have saved?


storybeader said...

Oh, so you're the mom with the screaming child? Hell-o!

And, I don't remember saving anything from the doctor's office. Not even a tooth! I had a plastic piece woven into my head when I was a girl, but it's still there!

roseworksjewelry said...

Sounds like quite the adventure! I can't think of anything weird I've saved - just numerous braces and a weird splints.

Anonymous said...

Zany, I laughed so hard reading your Wacky Zacky cast adventure story!!! The muscles in my face hurt, and I was even scrunching up my noise because I felt like I was there with you, you write so well.

Weirdest thing saved over the years? An ashtray that belonged to my grandfather, the kids first lost tooth, and a lock of hair each. But those last two are pretty normal, right?

If I think of anything else, I will get back to you.

Your doctor was funny...see you in two weeks...LOL


Leslie said...

Aww!! So cute! My mom still has our baby teeth. lol

Thanks for the comment on my owl clutch :P

kellykrisser said...

As someone who recently had the opportunity to smell Wacky Zacky's cast BEFORE it was removed, I'm horrified that you kept that thing! Dude, what were you thinking? : )

Ah, the things mothers do out of love. But, seriously, that thing was disgusting.

Glad Boy Wonder's arm is A-OK and that he's back in action again.