Sunday, February 8, 2009

My one true love!

I feel truly blessed to be married to Papa Z. It seems like a one in a million chance that our paths could have ever crossed. He is from California and I was born and raised in Indiana with absolutely no plans to ever move out of the Midwest. Somehow our paths did cross and here I am today married to my best friend with two beautiful children living in California! I know I don't tell you enough Papa Z, but here's my top 10 list of "Why I love thee"...

Why do I love thee?
1. I love all the silly games we play together: Slug Bug, Finding look alike people, taunting each other, being the first to call "Not it" when one of the kids has a messy diaper, etc...
2. I love your sense of humor! You can be funny without even intending on it. (i.e. After the canoe tipped over 5 seconds into our trip because I paddled towards the rocks you said, "I'm sure one day this will be funny..." As I started to smirk you said, "But not today!")
3. I love you because you still loved me after all the times you thought it was me that smelled weird. (i.e. The smell from the cat's anal gland and witch hazel after I had Wacky Zacky.)
4. I love you and feel so lucky because you take more of a role in raising our children than any father I've ever seen. You change their diapers, feed them, play with them, teach them, and love them.
5. I love you because you do so much around the house. When I'm sick you will do everything and other times you will help with household chores. I especially love that you clean the dishes when I make dinner! Since moving into our house you have become quiet the handyman!
6. I love you because you are so supportive of me. You are always there to listen to my ramblings and whining and to put me in check when I need it.
7. I love you because you seem to love and accept me unconditionally. I have always felt like I can be myself around you. You've heard my singing and seen me at my worst, yet you still stand by me!
8. I love that you are willing to work not one, but TWO jobs so I can stay-at-home with the kids. I never imagined in a million years that I would be a SAHM-because of course what on earth would I do all day with my time? :D
9. I love that you kiss me before you leave for work (even if I'm asleep) and when you get home.
10. I love you because you are the best partner I could ever ask for!

So Papa Z Will you please be my Valentine?

Zany thought of the day: Are you already sick of hearing about love and mushy things related to Valentine's Day?

If so you might enjoy reading "That Yucky Love Thing" by Michael Catchpool and Victoria Ball.


Tonda said...

I use to love it when id be outside and see people playing slug bug by my house... we had siz bugs in our yard :)

Isnt it great when you find the man of your dreams and wonder how anyone else could be happy with thier husband because you just know you have to have the best one :)

Jenna said...

So sweet. I am so glad to have such a great mommy friend who makes me realize the blessings I have in my life. You are such a postive person Jill and I love having your influence around me.

storybeader said...

oh, that's so sweet. I hope Papa Z has seen this (I'm sure he reads your blog!)