Thursday, February 26, 2009

Samu-what? Samu-who? Samurai!

A few days ago a couple of strange fellows appeared in the Zany backyard. These two unique characters are long lost relatives of the Zarkle family. The red monster is named Samurai Kaiju Zarkle which means "Monster" in Japanese. The blue monster's name is Samurai Mizu which means "water" in Japanese. The Samurai Zarkles are protectors and keep a watchful eye over all. These fierce Samurai can be found for adoption in my Etsy shop Two Zany Zebras. I can also do custom orders for them and make them in any color of your hearts desire.

Zany thought of the day: Never forget the wise words of an old Samurai: "Petting scorpions with a compassionate hand will only get you stung."

1 comment:

CraftGirlAlli said...

Super cute! You are full of ideas! Have you ever thought about doing a Pirate Zarkle??