Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The sheep has been shorn!

Having grown-up on a farm, it's common knowledge that when spring rolls around it's time to shear the sheep. Granted I didn't live on a farm with sheep and I think I learned this tid bit of information from watching Silence of the Lambs, but nevertheless it's good information to know! I now live in Southern California and I still do not own any sheep...However, I do have two little monkeys, I mean children, that seem to have been blessed with an abundance of hair! Wacky Zacky had flowing blond curls when he was a baby. Papa Z and I had a very difficult time taking him to get his first haircut. We nervously stressed to the stylist that we didn't want her to cut off his curls, but that he did need a trim-but not too much of a trim! So this is what we got:

Before and After

We were happy with the style, but were made fun of by friends and family for not giving him a "real" haircut. So time went on and my little mop top's hair grew and grew so we decided to be a little more drastic and get a "big" hair cut. So this is what we got:

Before and After

Again we were teased by friends and family. By this time I was use to it and I didn't care because I loved his hair. Eventually Wacky Zacky's curls started to straighten and parts of his hair took on the chic crimped look. This past weekend we decided it was time to shear the sheep. After three years we decided to let the stylist take a pair of clippers to my little angel's head of hair. So this is what we got:

Before and After

Papa Z and I could not believe how much hair fell from Wacky Zacky's head. There was probably a good 1-2 pounds of hair laying on the floor when we left. He looks so grown-up now and seemed to transform from a toddler to a boy in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure Mama is ready for all this change!

Zany thought of the day: Don't you miss the crimping days? I never did it because my hair is naturally curly, but I had friends that would crimp away and I know they are proud to look back at those pictures! :) I looked up crimping on Wikipedia and found that crimping peaked in popularity during the mid 1980s--hmmm, that's funny because I recall people in Indiana crimping their hair in the early to mid-1990's...I guess we were never on the cutting edge. I also found out in 2007 at a Chanel Runway show crimped hair was shown on a model and it once again became popular throughout late 2007-2008. I must have missed the second coming of the crimped hair in my sleep deprived state with the kids! I guess Wacky Zacky was on the cutting edge of style all along with his crimped hair!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Of course, you can't braid it anymore, and he does look way more grown up now, but the style is very cute. Trev got his buzzed again last weekend too since we did Daddy's too.

CraftGirlAlli said...

haha...crimping...although I think I missed the first craze...I remember doing it alot in the late 90s early 00s. I had crimped hair AND pink ends...now that was cool LOL. I'll dig up a pic and post it sometime lol.

Tonda said...

He looks adorable! The crazy thing is... I was thinking about is hair today and wondering what he would look like with short hair (because we cut Jacks hair off and he looked so diffrent, not that i think about your kids all day :) )
Does he like his hair?

NICO Designs said...

I love the haircut! My son also has curls but he WILL get it cut this weekend--It is so big on top!

And you're right--how do they grow up so fast with just a cut?

slingsmart said...

Holy Cow! He looks so much older!

kellykrisser said...

Totally diggin' the big boy haircut. I'm sure it was hard taking the plunge, but he looks very cute sporting his new 'do, and oddly, a little more like Papa Z than I expected.