Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Zany family takes on the movie theater!

I think Papa Z was feeling a little loopy on Sunday morning because he came up with the idea to take the whole family to the movies! Wacky Zacky had already been to a movie theater once to see Bolt, but this would be Zany Janie's first experience. He generously offered to take care of Wacky Zacky during the movie if I would be responsible for Zany Janie. Mind you Wacky Zacky gets easily sucked into movies and despite being only 3-years-old will sit still for an entire movie. Zany Janie on the other hand is not quite 2-years-old and could care less for movies. So indeed it was a generous offer on Papa Z's part! We decided to go see:

We smartly decided to spare ourselves the drama that would ensue by going to the 3D version of the movie. The kids won't keep sunglasses on themselves for more than 12 seconds without roughly tearing them off their face and screaming about how they need help putting them back on.

I packed a diaper bag to the brim with snacks and treats for everyone and we ventured off to our first movie as a family. Once in our seats we quickly realized Zany Janie could not sit in her seat without having it fold up on her little body. Since she was my "assigned kid" I had to lay my leg across the end of her chair to keep it from folding in on her. It only took 5 minutes for my body to start to cramp from being in this position! The kids quickly became bored waiting for the movie to start and decided to bust into the snacks. As the previews rolled both kids became mesmerized in the large screen. After each preview Zany Janie would loudly squeal wanting the show to continue! I'm proud to say both kids behaved better than expected and Zany Janie only had a few minor mishaps (standing on her seat staring intently at the person behind us, who for whatever unknown reason decided to sit directly behind us when there were 50 other seats available to choose from; running to the end of the aisle during the movie and playing like she was going to lunge down the steps; and eating her way through ALL the snacks leaving a trail of crumbs and trash behind).

Wacky Zacky's favorite monster was Bob.

And I think Zany Janie liked The Missing Link and Insectosaurus the best.

Overall, it was a cute movie and fun family day! If I were to do it again I would bring more snacks!

Zany thought of the day: What was the first movie you went to see in the movie theater? My first movie was E.T. and I saw it when I was 6 or 7-years-old. I must admit I didn't like the character E.T. He scared me and kinda looked like a creepy shriveled up old man!


Tonda said...

my 1st was the ninja turtle movie. I think i was 5 or 6 and my brother was 4 or 5

Charlee said...

I am not sure of my first but Breven's first was Shreck the 3rd at 2 and Aubree was in my lap to see kung fu panda. I have learned popcorn is a must and lots of drinks. It also has to be hyped to the kids. Breven wants to see Hannah Montana I am waiting. The other thing is to only go to daytime shows never evenings!

Splendid Little Stars said...

saw the movie in 3D. It was cute!

CraftGirlAlli said...

I don't remember this, but my mom said that one of my first movies was Snow White. She's told the story many times, about how I cried when the movie was over because I didn't want it to end and I didn't want to leave. LOL.

We haven't taken our son to an actual movie yet, but at home, he's sat and watched The Wizard of Oz, 101 Dalmations and Finding Nemo. I'm thinking of trying this summer and going to an actual theater. They have free matinees on Saturdays. So I think I might try that before I decide to pay for a movie!