Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clowns, elephants, and first autographs!

A few weeks ago the Zany family was excited to find out a traveling circus was coming to town! Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie had never been to a circus and we were eager to see their reactions to it. I must say they did not disappoint! Both kids sat in awe watching people walk tight ropes, amazing acrobats, silly clowns, various animals doing tricks, and contortionists. Wacky Zacky looked like he was catching flies the entire show.

Miss Zany Janie was content watching the show as long as the cotton candy was flowing.

At intermission Zany Janie wanted to watch people ride the elephants, however, every time the elephant rounded the corner and came our way she would tremble and begin to cry, but if we started to walk away she would shriek, "ELEPHANT!" and want to go back to watching them. I must say this was amusing the first 5 minutes, however it did lose it's humor after 15 minutes!

This was a BIG day for Wacky Zacky. Papa Z bought him a special circus coloring book and Alex the clown signed it after the show! It was Wacky Zacky's first autograph! I'm sure he'll cherish it always!

Zany thought of the day: A few days after the circus came to town Papa Z was helping coach Zachary's t-ball team. One of the players told Papa Z he looked just like Alex the clown. Looking at the picture above, I must admit there is an odd resemblance there!


Tonda said...

I love wacky Zackys face in that picture!

kellykrisser said...

Nice man purse, Papa Z. : )