Sunday, August 9, 2009

The fifty dollar quarter

Last night was filled with drama for the Zany house. Papa Z has been gone for a long weekend visiting friends and I was on my third night in a row of putting on a horse and pony show to put Wacky Zacky to sleep. I was mentally going through my "To Do" list when all of a sudden Wacky Zacky sprung out of bed coughing and shrieking that he had just swallowed a coin. I knew he had been carrying a quarter around shortly before getting into bed and I began to search frantically for the coin. He continued to insist the coin was in his belly and that it hurt. That was when I realized my son had just turned into a human piggy bank. Long story short, I called our health care provider and the advice nurse said I had to bring him in that night to get X-rays to make sure it wasn't stuck anywhere. Fortunately a friend was able to come over immediately to watch Zany Janie so I didn't have to deal with both kids in the ER. I will spare you all the details of our long wait to be seen, but will tell you I'm fairly certain our paths crossed with a transvestite, a hooker, and some of the scariest people I have ever seen.

Wacky Zacky was a brave little man and stayed still during the X-rays despite not having me next to him. I couldn't be in the room with him since I'm pregnant and had to stand in another room and watch through a window. After the X-rays were processed we were able to see what looked like a bright shiny star beaming in Wacky Zacky's belly. Luckily the quarter was almost through his stomach.

We were sent home with latex gloves and orders to check his poop for the quarter to pass. If it doesn't pass by Tuesday we have to go back to get X-rays and discuss what to do next. I guess it's not 100% that it will actually pass. I certainly made sure to get size large gloves so Papa Z can be on poop duty when he gets home from his weekend of fun! Lucky for him he took all next week off so he won't miss a thing!

Surprisingly this quarter turned out to cost us fifty dollars!

Zany thought of the day: I think once it passes I'll have to tell Wacky Zacky to keep the change!


Charlee said...

Breven swallowed a dime once. The main thing to do is to feed him fiber and water to help his stuff to pass easily. My mom still has that dime thoug (gross) Breven also had a $50 fart as we call it. One night he was rolling on the floor doubled in pain and just miserable for hours on end so we took him in to emergency since extended care was closed and they pushed on his tummy and he let loose and was fine! KIDS!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh no! That's scary. I believe these situations usually turn out well, with the money passing through. I will certainly keep you all in my prayers. Yay for Pap Z's week off!

Tim and Jen said...

Any luck yet?

Sunshyne said...

I'll say it again..."That quarter is gonna have a story to tell!"
P.S. Remind me not to ask you for change!