Thursday, September 17, 2009

The California State House Saga

Last weekend we drove a LONG 8 hours to go to Sacramento for a wedding. While in the area we visited California's State House.

It was an impressive looking building, however I'm not sure Zany Janie and Wacky Zacky fully appreciated being at this historical landmark.

We viewed flags from the Civil War, collections from each county in California, and other items of interest.

We were able to walk into the House Chamber where every year they do not pass the bill which would allow Counselors to get licensed...Don't get me started!...

The most exciting part of the whole experience for the kids was being outside of Arnold Schwarzenegger's office. Not because they stood outside the Governor's office, but because outside his office stood a life size statue of a Grizzly Bear.

Both kids wanted to touch the bear, however Zany Janie was terrified of the bear. She begged and pleaded to touch the bear only to recoil in fear when I pushed her stroller up to the great beast. After a few minutes of begging to touch the bear and recoiling in fright she finally triumphed over her fear and actually put her hand in the bear's mouth. A group of people came around the corner towards us as we were walking away, just in time to hear Zany Janie yell, "I want to touch the bear's pee pee!" Over and over! Shockingly, Papa Z and Wacky Zany high tailed it out of there and were no where to be seen so I was the lucky one to get stink eye from the group of strangers.

Zany thought of the day: What is up with the saying, "If a bear poops in the woods and there's no one around, does it still smell?"

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are you sure your kids are not mine?!