Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Goulishly good time at Disneyland

The Zany family had had a year to recover from our first experience at Mickey's trick-or-treat party at Disney's California Adventure Park and felt we were up for another challenge. (You can read all about our adventures with the candy possessed princess and her ferocious side-kick---->Here!) We got to Disneyland midday and decided to spend the day playing at Disneyland before heading over to California's Adventure Park for the trick-or-treat party.

It was a perfect day to be at Disneyland-the lines were short and the weather was perfect. We had a fun time visiting with Pluto and Goofy and both kids seemed more at ease meeting with the characters. Zany Janie's highlight was meeting Tinkerbell and one of her friends. She is absolutely obsessed with the Tinkerbell movie so she was in complete awe standing in the fairies presence. We rode a few rides and I've come to the conclusion that the Snow White ride is creepy and wrong! After riding it with Zany Janie having a death grip on me and bordering on becoming hysterical I've decided it is too scary of a ride to be in Fantasyland!

In the evening we headed over to California's Adventure Park for the trick-or-treat party. Wacky Zacky dressed up as Spiderman sans the face mask and Zany Janie was a beautiful Cinderella princess. Once again Papa Z dressed up as Daddy and I changed my costume a bit this year and decided to be a pregnant SAHM.

The kids were excited about the candy, but not quite as excited as last year. There were no candy possessed princesses on the prowl this evening, only one pregnant mama who was craving chocolate! Don't get me wrong, the kids still ate a lot of candy and Zany Janie continues to eat through wrappers like she's in a world record candy eating contest. The highlight for the kids this year seemed to be meeting the princesses, Handy Manny, and Woody.

It was a long day, but worth it for the experiences and family time we spent together.

Zany thought of the day: Who's your favorite Disney Character?


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Sounds like fun...and the photos are great!

Mickey Mouse is my fave :) I'm old school I guess!

BeadedTail said...

Looks like a great day at Disneyland and California Adventure! The Snow White ride is a little scary for little ones!

I like Tigger!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun :) My grandparents are only an hour from Disneyland so I got to go quite a few times as a kid :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the family photos! Good luck with the last months of your pregnancy. sending "cool" wishes your way.

storybeader said...

I'm not sure who's my favorite character. Haven't seen a Disney movie in a long time. I need to go to Disneyland, and check out everyone. Love ALL the costumes! {:-D

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Looks like a great time!

Sarah Ranes said...

What great fun!