Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Holiday Cheer for down under!

We have received a few early Christmas presents this year, but my favorite by far is the Christmas Tree skirt my sister (AKA Aunt Ju Ju) made for our family!

I love the colors in it and it's also reversible!

Don't you think it adds a little Holiday Cheer for down under?

Zany thought of the day: Why doesn't the Christmas tree skirt get a lot of attention? The star on top tends to take all the attention and focus away from everything else! The Christmas tree skirt does so much work covering the base of the tree and makes a nice area to place gifts on...Have you ever wondered where the idea of the Christmas tree skirt came from? It's believed the tradition of decorating a tree began in Germany where they used candles attached to the tree with melted wax (Wow talk about a fire hazard!) The tree skirts were placed under the tree the catch the wax that dripped from the candles and waa-la the tradition of the Christmas tree skirt was born!


SpottedCow said...

Your kids are too funny!

Hey...Your countdown clock says it's 16 days to go and we get to meet the new Zany Baby! :)

kellykrisser said...

Aunt JuJu needs to adopt my family and start making cool tree skirts for me. Love it! Christmas tree skirts are the bane of my existence. We have a couple, but they always end up being "just OK" which drives Mike nuts. : )

Splendid Little Stars said...

The tree skirt is fabulous! It adds so much cheer! Merry Christmas!

storybeader said...

it's adorable! Catch all the tinsel off the tree! I'll have to look around for one next year, at the beginning of the month!

tamdoll said...

I like that tree skirt, being reversible is pretty clever - and handmade gifts are the BEST!

Made by Melissa said...

What a pretty tree skirt! And a great story, when I was growing up I always thought it was something silly that my mom just found in the store. LOL!