Monday, December 14, 2009

The saga of seeing Santa

It's that time of year again! The time where little kids anxiously wait in line to sit on a stranger's lap named Santa. As mentioned last year, seeing Santa is serious business in our house because you never know if Santa is going to be naughty or nice. You can see the blog post about our ordeal with Santa here! This year both Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie seemed excited when talking about seeing Santa. They both had a few ideas of what they were going to tell Santa they wanted this year.

The excitement seemed to wear off quickly for Wacky Zacky when the actual day of seeing Santa approached. He quickly began to remind us that Santa pinches and he didn't want Santa to pinch him. He is 100% sure Santa pinched him in the picture below taken in 2006.

We reassured him that Santa would not pinch him this year and he remained unsure if he would sit on Santa's lap.

So off we went to our Community Party where we waited in line to see Santa. When it was our turn Zany Janie tore off from us and leaped onto Santa's lap. She quickly began telling him over and over she wanted "Tinkerbell and Cinderella and Tinkerbell and Cinderella Toys".

She even posed for a cute picture with Santa.

Wacky Zacky on the other hand decided he did NOT want to see Santa. After much prodding he decided he would take a picture with Santa if Mama went up with him. As you can see from the picture I had to hold onto him tight or he would have fled the scene.

The following day he sadly came up to me and said he never told Santa what he wanted so Santa wouldn't get him anything. I told him maybe we could write Santa a letter.

At least no one got pinched this year!


Elaine said...

I took my daughter to see Santa yesterday, and she did run! The picture that they took is of her running away! She was petrified!

Tonda said...

Chad told me he wont sit on Santas lap.. and he would have Jack tell santa what he wanted. Jack let him know if he doesnt tell him that he just wont get toys at all. But then they both chickened out :)

storybeader said...

you're really quick on your toes! Good answer! I remember last year! lol Great that Janie had a good time! {:-D

JaimeSews said...

I really wanted to take my Tyler to Santa, but we're running out of time! Last night as I stopped at the grocery store, there was a Santa doing pictures for $5 for some kind of local fundraiser. There was no line, even! Tyler wouldn't even look at the camera - he held on to me with dear life and at one point when I tried to turn around (which brought him closer to Santa, unintentionally), he looked briefly over his shoulder and screamed even louder. No santa picture this year! lol