Sunday, January 24, 2010

A party fit for a Superhero!

Wacky Zacky turned 4-years-old and to celebrate he wanted a Superhero party. I immediately thought this theme might not be a great one for the Zany household since our last party started off with a bang when Zany Janie broke her arm-and that was just a Minnie Mouse themed party! But Wacky Zacky insisted on the theme because he is into Batman and Spiderman at the moment. So we went with it and hoped for the best...
As the guests arrived we had the kids play an altered version of "Pin the tale on the donkey" where they pinned spiderman on villains for points. Next we all filled up on a superhero meal of pizza, special popcorn, and rainbow goldfish.
After everyone had fueled up they got to test their superhero abilities on a training course. Because of all the rain Southern California had been slammed with, our training course had to be moved from outdoors to our garage-which altered some of the things we had planned to do. The training course included:
1. A Balance Beam where the superheros tested their balance.
2. A tall building which the superheros had to leap in a single bound like Superman.
3. Several pictures of Superheros fighting villains were taped to the ground and the superhero kids had to help the Superheros fight the villains by stomping on the pictures.
4. A villain bop bag was presented where the Superheros tested their fighting abilities while wearing Incredible Hulk Gloves.
5. The Superheros had to show they knew how to make a fast getaway from the villain by hopping on a bouncer across the garage.
6. They tested their hand-eye coordination with a bean bag toss.
7. Finally, the superheros had to shoot silly string at pictures of Villains like Spiderman with Web Slingers.
After each Superhero successfully completed the training course they were awarded a superhero cape (which Papa Z and I made) for proving their physical strength.
Next the Superheros got to hit a Batman Pinata which is always a hit because what Superhero doesn't like candy?
When the Superheros came back inside the house they found that several Kryptonite Men (Green plastic soldiers) had invaded the house. They had to save the day by ridding the planet of those lethal men!
The party concluded with a Spiderman cake, ice cream, and presents.
The party was fun and the games and capes seemed to be a big hit! I am excited to announce that no one got hurt! However, there may have been a few near misses! Wacky Zacky is already thinking of a theme for next years party-so far he's thinking it might be a Toy Story Theme.


Tonda said...

I love the games you made! Very cute! Chad plans his parties starting May 2nd (his bday is May 1st) This will be his 2nd skateboard party in a row

CraftGirlAlli said...

What great ideas for games! And happy birthday to Wacky Zacky!!