Friday, April 23, 2010

A little slice of humble pie

Papa Z received a Wii for his birthday and the family is finally starting to get into playing video games. Papa Z is a fierce competitor and hates to lose. He is so competitive that he is a sore loser and a hateful winner. He is miserable to be around when he loses and he taunts and teases to no end when he wins. That being said, Papa Z was taught a valuable life lesson last night by none other than our 4-year-old Wacky Zacky.
The two decided to face off in bowling. This was Wacky Zacky's first time playing bowling and he was having a difficult time figuring out which buttons to push (And mind you he is 4-years-old). Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until I noticed Papa Z being a little too quiet and using his "I'm irritated but am trying very hard to be civil" voice as he told Wacky Zacky every time he was up which button he needed to push (mind you he is only 4-years-old). I initially thought Papa Z was just frustrated that Wacky Zacky was not getting the hang of the controller until I realized that Wacky Zacky was not just winning, but was thoroughly kicking Papa Z's butt by 11 pins! As it was acknowledged that Wacky Zacky was beating him, Wacky Zacky began innocently asking questions such as, "Daddy, what are you doing not to beat me? Am I winning because my guy is on top? What are you doing wrong? Why didn't you knock that pin over?" And on and on it went. Without knowing it Wacky Zacky was ruthlessly taunting his Daddy! I sat back watching the drama unfold feeling extremely giddy!
Papa Z tried to blame not being able to throw the ball straight on his reason for losing (to a 4-year-old), but Wacky Zacky was able to throw the ball straight down the lane while looking behind him at Papa Z as he was reminded once again what button to push to release the ball. Then finally Papa Z got a strike and did a little dance only to be answered by a strike by Wacky Zacky. As evil as this sounds the game couldn't go on slow enough for me...I was enjoying every second of it!
By the ninth frame Wacky Zacky was up by 22 pins and all of a sudden the tv screen went blank. Zany Janie had pushed the power button and turned the whole console off! Papa Z claims he had nothing to do with it, but it seems like Zany Janie's piggy bank is a little heavier today! Papa Z claims he was just getting ready to make a come back when the game was wiped out so therefore he did not lose. We all know Wacky Zacky (who is 4-years-old) beat his Daddy fair and square!
So I want to say THANK YOU Wacky Zacky for serving up your Daddy a big 'ol slice of humble pie!


Tonda said...

I hope he did a little dance after winning!

kellykrisser said...

This is the best story ever, and brings back fond memories of my "Jim Carrey" moment playing Cranium with Papa Z. Tell Wacky Zacky the next time his friend Kelly sees him, we'll both take on his Dad, then he can be trounced twice in Wii bowling!