Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My budding Psychologist

My kids absolutely love baked goldfish. They love them so much that you can find them hidden throughout our house in practically every nook and cranny. Today I gave both Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie their own bowl of those yummy baked goodies, then we went upstairs to do some chores. Once upstairs Zany Janie began howling that she forgot her goldfish. I sent her back downstairs on her own to get her bowl. Moments later I began to hear wails from Zany Janie saying, "I want my goldfish!" I'm guessing she took a whole half a second to look for her bowl and came to the conclusion it was gone. I asked Wacky Zacky to go down and help his sissy. He must have been feeling helpful because he immediately went without a fight. As soon as he got downstairs the wails of "I want my goldfish!" stopped and I heard him lead Zany Janie to the stairs. They both sat on the bottom step and in the most serious voice I have ever heard come from a 4-year-old I hear Wacky Zacky say, "Zany Janie, remember Goldfish died. He is in Goldfish Heaven. Remember?" Zany Janie loudly replies, "I WANT MY GOLDFISH!" Wacky Zacky gently replies, "I know it's sad, but he died...He's in Goldfish Heaven now." I quickly figure out Wacky Zacky thinks Zany Janie is crying about their Betta Fish, AKA Goldfish, who died a few months ago so I yell down, "Wacky Zacky, I think she wants her goldfish snacks". Wacky Zacky in a surprised voice asks, "Zany Janie, are you talking about your snack and not the fish?" Zany Janie replies, "Yes." So Wacky Zacky says, "Oh! Sorry, I thought you were sad about your goldfish!" then without missing a beat runs off to look for her bowl of goldfish.

I must admit I was impressed with how he handled the situation. He was like a mini version of his Daddy the Psychologist!

Zany thought of the day: Did you know they recently came out with S'more flavored Goldfish snacks? The marshmallows are even shaped like tiny fish!

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storybeader said...

wow - he does sound very helpful! I was thinking it was the real fish too!