Friday, April 16, 2010

Possibly the best call ever?

My family plays a game where if you see a stranger out in the street that looks like a celebrity you make the call and the other person judges how closely that person resembles the celebrity on a 1-10 scale. Of course Papa Z cheats and when I have made the best call ever and deserve a 9.5 he will give me a measly 6! Nevertheless, I still play the game with him adding 1-2 points to any score he gives me. My sister, AKA Aunt Ju Ju, has decided to play this game and has recently made the call of Silly Jilly looking NOT like a cute celebrity baby, but like a BUSH BABY! Really? My little Silly Jilly looks like a Bush Baby? Aunt Ju Ju thinks this is the best call ever!

I don't think I can even give her 1/2 a point for trying!

Zany thought of the day: What silly games do you play with your family when you are out and about?


Tonda said...

We play slug bug.... which is alot of fun going by my house since we always have 2-6 vw's in my yard :)

Anonymous said...

Hey...I deserve a 12 for this one!!

Luv, Aunt Ju-Ju

Anonymous said...

I play the same thing with Dave. He said he learned it from Tom.