Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bucket list worthy?

If you have never stopped to see the "World's Biggest Dinosaurs" in Cabazon, CA you are missing out on a chance of a lifetime!  It is a must for your bucket list...Well, maybe I shouldn't go that far, but if you find yourself driving on the I-10 anywhere near Cabazon, CA  with nothing to do you should at least stop and take a picture in front of the two giant dinosaurs which are surrounded by mountains.

If you're still not excited, what if I told you this place was the exact location for one of the scenes from the film "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" from the 1980's? Yeah, I thought that would grab your attention!
If you have not had your full dinosaur fix after seeing the two dinosaurs pictured above you can always venture up the path to the Robotic Dinosaur Museum where you can:
Have your picture taken while sitting inside a dinosaur's mouth!

Dig for your own dinosaur bones!

Pan for "gemstones"!  Warning:  They use the word "gemstone" a little loosely!  You are actually panning for pieces of goldfish gravel, which if you have little ones like me it will end up all over your house and you will be panning for those tiny pieces for the next 6 months!

See several robotic dinosaurs and a few knights on horses thrown in for good measure.

I must give you fair warning that in the mid-2000's a new owner took over and has been using the museum as a platform for his Creationist viewpoints.  So there are several signs throughout the museum that discuss his views. 
Before you leave don't forget to stop by the gift shop which is conveniently located in Dinny, the 150 foot long Apatosaurus's belly for all those must have touristy items!
Zany thought of the day:  So what's the verdict-is this Bucket list worthy?

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Tonda said...

well since I live a few miles from itmy whole life its not as exciting...but my kids still love it