Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Princess and Pirate Party

Zany Janie recently turned 3 and to celebrate we had a party fit for a little princess! Well, actually we had a Princess and Pirate themed party because Zany Janie has so many boy friends who I’m sure wouldn’t be caught dead at a princess party!

Dressing up was optional and we had several princesses and a few pirates. We started the party with lunch-hotdogs, brots, and Mac-n-cheese-which I’m sure is every princesses dream! Then the kids played pin the hat on the princess or pirate. After they played the game they each got their own decorated princess or pirate bag which was filled with fun things for them to make. The princesses could make their own crowns, necklaces, and bracelets. The pirates could make their own hat, eye patch, and sword.

Next we separated the pirates from the princesses for their own scavenger hunts. The princesses went on a hunt for Disney Princess dolls which were hidden throughout the house using clues to guess which princess they needed to find. Each princess doll held a bag filled with jewelry for the princesses to wear. By the time the scavenger hunt was over the princesses were decked out head to toe in jewelry.

The pirates went outside where foam swords (purchased for $1.00 each at the Dollar store) and a treasure map awaited them. They went on a treasure hunt where they had to walk the plank, break out of jail, look through the telescope, slay a dragon, and dig through sand to find gold before they finally found a treasure box overfilled with gold, candy, and stickers.

Next the pirates and princesses got to hit a princess piñata. The girls loved it because it was decorated with princesses and the boys loved hitting the princesses with a bat so in the end everyone was happy.

We ended the party with a princess cake and presents.

I am happy to say we finally got through a Zany birthday party without any broken bones or ER visits! I can’t honestly say there weren’t close calls with the swords swinging, piñata busting, and sugar highs going on!

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if you are still concerned, but you might revisit Janie's cake picture....Looks like it was so fun. The kids were so bummed to miss it. Especially considering they spent the day driving From Oregon to Redding.