Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day two: The zany saga continues!

In my last post I left you in our hotel room with minty fresh feet.  So I shall pick up from there and start day two of our adventures from our hotel room.  The kids were semi-quietly sitting/standing/jumping on the bed as Papa Z and I scurried around the room to get ready for the day.  We were both packing up our things in the bathroom when Zany Janie began screaming.  We both assumed Wacky Zacky had hit or jumped on her for the 100th time that morning and ran out to see what damage had been done.  From the sounds of the screams coming from her little mouth one would expect to see blood, but we were greeted with much much worse!  Zany Janie was sitting on the hotel bed covered in vomit!  This was very unexpected because she had been playing around all morning and had not complained of even the slightest tummy ache.  We, meaning Papa Z with me slinking as far away as I could get from the foul smell, cleaned up the mess the best we could and got the heck out of the room!  So now we have become "that room"!  The room the house keepers talk about in their list of worst rooms they ever had to clean!  With tar foot prints, a dirty but minty fresh smelling sink, tar streaked white towels, vomit covered sheets and smashed goldfish crackers in the carpet there's a chance we may have even made it to the top of their list. 

So off we went as quickly as we could-puke bucket in hand.  Yes, we remembered to bring a puke bucket for the car-it's an absolute necessity for our family.  The next 50 miles were filled with Zany Janie "accidentally" throwing the puck buck then whining that she needed it immediately causing me to nearly dislocate my shoulder as I quickly grabbed it for her.  I will let you know, thankfully the puke bucket was never used, but there were some tense moments during our trip when both Zany Janie and Wacky Zacky claimed they needed it.

Our next stop was Morro Bay, CA.  We weren't really sure what to expect or where to go, but it was something along our route that a few people told us we should check out.  We found a really neat park which overlooked Morro Rock and decided to stop to let the kids get their wiggles out.  Just when the car stopped Wacky Zacky giggled and said, "Look at Silly Jilly!  She only has one eye open!"  Hee!  Hee!  We get out to find that indeed he is right.  She only has one eye open because the other eye is sealed shut with a mound of gross discharge seeping from her tear duct!  We clean her eye and once she can open it, we see that it's swollen and red! 

Hmmm...Tar, vomit, and now possibly pink eye?  We are only on day two, what could be next?  I started thinking maybe I needed to throw out the heart shaped rock I took from Refugio State Beach.  It seems to be cursed like the Tiki Idol the Brady Bunch found in Hawaii!

Of course it was Sunday and Silly Jilly's MD was not in, so I called the advice nurse line hoping they could just diagnose over the phone and send a prescription our way.  I sat and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more.  At least we were at a great park where the kids could play and had a beautiful view of Morro Rock. 

After close to an hour on hold we decided to just start driving and hope we could speak with someone while on the road.  Unfortunately after 15 more minutes of "We are experiencing a high volume of callers, please remain on the line and we will handle the calls in the order they were received" I abruptly lost cell phone reception and my call was ended!  Not wanting to wait on hold for another hour and a half  we decided to wait until the next day and speak directly to Silly Jilly's MD.

Our next stop was to San Simeon, CA so we could see the elephant seals.  I was really excited about this leg of our trip.  We had heard hundreds of elephant seals come to this area and can been seen lounging on the beaches.  So immediately when we reached the town we began stopping at every vista point.  And we didn't miss a one:

No elephant seals here!

Or here:

Or here:

Or even here:

There didn't seem to be any elephant seals or any indication that there would be any in the near future.  I was starting to feel bummed, because as I said before I was really looking forward to seeing them.  At least there were beautiful views:

Then we stopped at this place and guess what?

There were no elephant seals!  Just huge rocks on the beach that initially tricked me into thinking I was seeing one.

Then we pass a sign that said, "Elephant Seal Vista Point 1/4 mile".  That's when it dawned on me, my Dad had mentioned something about a sign.  I mistakenly shared this little tid bit of information with Papa Z and let's just say he didn't get quite the kick out of my little mind slip as I did.

So we pull in next to the other 100 cars-which thinking back on it, maybe we should have known there weren't any elephant seals on the other beaches since there were a handful to no cars at the other vista points...Oh well, live and learn. 

We get out of the car and immediately hear snorts and barking.  Yay!  This is so cool!  We walk over and see several of these huge beasts sunbathing.

We are told by a guide that the seals are mainly males and they are out of the water to molt.

The whole family was amazed by these creatures and we stayed for awhile to watch in awe.  Among hundreds of people Zany Janie's curious mind loudly asked, "Mommy, what's that noise they make?  Are they farting?"  Yep, that's my girl!  The people around us were trying to be adults about it, but had a difficult time not laughing. 

Next we drove a very windy road along the coast.  After several hours we stopped at a coffee shop/art gallery and Papa Z parked right in front of...We'll I'll just let you make up your own mind about what it's suppose to be:

Yeah, I'll just leave it at that!

Our final destination before retiring to our hotel was the Pebble Beach 17-mile drive. 

The white beaches were beautiful!  We saw both deer and sea lions.  And Papa Z and I joked about buying a vacation house.  The best part of it was there was no vomit, crying, or drama!

So does the drama continue?  In the end do I throw out the heart rock for fear it is a Tiki Idol similar to the one that haunted the Bradys?  Stay tuned!

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It's a statue of cherries you sick minded mama.