Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The zany-cation continues!

So day four arrives and it just so happens to be Papa Z and my 8-year-anniversary!  It also just so happens to be the day Silly Jilly's eye flairs up again.  So we spent the morning dealing with getting Silly Jilly medicine.  I will spare you the details, but will share that we ended up self-paying $4.00 at Walmart for the exact same prescription we've paid a $10.00 co-pay for in the past!

Next we headed to Redding, CA...A very popular must see stop for anyone in the near vicinity of Northern California!  Well, maybe not for all, but at least it's a destination for my family.  It's the place where Papa Z was born and raised.  We met up with a few friends and Papa Z got to reminisce while driving through his old stomping grounds.

The next few days were filled with lots of driving.  Which reminds me of our old friend Javier.  Javier came into our lives only a few weeks prior to our vacation.  We took him along with us, which turned out to be both a blessing and a curse.  Our dear friend Javier is a smooth talker with his British-American accent and his sexy way of saying "Recalculating!".  Javier is our GPS navigation system, which helped Papa Z and me remain happily married on this vacation.  He helped lead us to food, gas, and sometimes attractions that were better off left alone.  So how could this little life saver possibly be a curse too?  Well, he had an uncanny ability to "lose satellite reception" at the absolute worst possible time.  It was hard to stay mad at him for long because when he finally found satellite reception he would always direct us to take such-and-such Boulevard, which always got a smirk from us since he could not say Boulevard without sounding like he was passing gas.

To help pass the time we played several games.  A popular one was "I spy with my two little eyes..."  This was a fun one on our drive through Oregon where turn after turn the kids would spy a TREE!  Who could blame them when this is what they had to work with:

Another popular way to pass the time was "Dirty Talk" time.  Believe me, it's not what you think!  It was a special 60 seconds where the kids could say all the dirty words they knew.  They had fun throwing out, "Poop, pee, vomit, mud poop, etc..."-you get the picture.

The final game took on a competitive spirit-Girls vs. Boys in the cow count. 

At the end of the day whoever had the most cows on their side of the road won. Not to brag, but the girls got to say, "Winner!  Winner!  Chicken Dinner!" more times than the boys, but is that really surprising?

After several days and lots of drama we finally made it to Seattle, WA!  Check back later to hear all about how we took on the Space Needle!

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Tonda said...

my uncle lives in Redding, Jeff Baysinger