Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My little Ballerina Babe!

Today was a very big day in Zany Janie's life!  Today was the day she took her very first step onto a dance floor.  Sure she has been dancing since she could sit up, but now she is starting to learn the technical aspects of dance.  I'm hoping she will learn a few new moves so she can throw away some of the moves that would make your eyebrows raise...

This morning Zany Janie was overjoyed with the thought of going to class.  She was grinning from ear to ear once she put on her ballet uniform.  Wacky Zacky seemed to have a case of the green monsters and was acting a tad bit jealous of the whole ballet classes going on without him.

I don't know what they put in the air, but once those ballerinas stepped onto the dance floor those little girls became intensely focused.  I think next time I go I might take a bottle to try to capture some of that magic!

For her first class, I think Zany Janie did wonderful!  She didn't always look like the graceful swan, but she danced her little heart out and tried her best.

Everyone around her had better watch out when they practice kicks.  I think Zany Janie has picked up how to do karate kicks from her Mama because her ballet kicks looked like they could take out a grown man!

I have always been more of a tomboy than a "Girly-Girl", but I must admit it melted my heart seeing my sweet little girl prancing around in all pink!

Zany thought of the day:  In the picture above, is it just me or is there a slight resemblance to Saturday Night Live's Sally O'Malley character?  I can just hear Zany Janie yelling, "I can kick, stretch, and kick! I'm three!"


Anonymous said...

Awww, sooo sweet. Miss L would be so very jealous :)

storybeader said...

I love that first portrait, all in her pink! So glad she's enjoying herself! Hope everything is going well - having popped in for a while. {:-D