Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wet 'N Wild at Whitewater

This weekend we went on an adventure to the Whitewater Preserve.  We had heard others talk about it, but had never ventured there for ourselves. Unfortunately for me once you get off the interstate you have to drive down a curvy road for several miles.  Luckily for both Papa Z and me I didn't get carsick, but was dizzy and felt like I was staggering around for a little while.  Once we stopped we all jumped out and started exploring the area. 


It was a beautiful area and I felt at one with nature until I saw the menacing sign which warned of Bears, Mountain Lions, and Rattlesnakes!  Nothing like the fear of venomous hungry animals to put your mind at ease!

There were several crystal clear pools throughout the area filled with what appeared to be huge trout.  I say they were trout because I'm no fish expert and trout are one of the few "freshwater fish" names I know.  Sorry people, but no fishing!  Come on, it's a nature preserve!

The nature preserve claims the canyon has a robust population of bighorn sheep.  Trying to see any of them was just like going to the bighorn sheep exhibit at the zoo-None of those "mythical creatures" were to be seen!

We hiked on the Pacific Crest Trail for a few miles.  Somehow I always get stuck being the follower and never the leader...But that's okay, I was busy keeping a keen eye and ear out for bears, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes.

The highlight of the trip was playing in the river.  We had to walk a long way, but we finally found an area without rapids that would take out the children.  After the initial shock of feeling wet cold squishy mud between their toes passed, the kids were happily splashing and playing in the river.  Zany Janie even learned how to pee in the wilderness.  I'm hoping she doesn't decide to try it at our pool this summer!

Overall, it was a great experience and I'm sure we will be back to visit again soon.  Maybe next time if we come across a nasty rattlesnake, a bighorn sheep will gallop down a sheer cliff and come to our rescue!  Maybe, but I doubt it!

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rose said...

Sounds like your having fun.