Friday, June 17, 2011

Works like magic!

When it comes to dealing with kids there are few things that really work like magic when they are hurt.  Of course an ice cream cone can typically raise a kid's spirit, but what if you don't have any ice cream at home?  Sending the offending brother or sister to time out usually does the trick in our house if the victim isn't "really" hurt.  But what can you do for all those monster owies your child gets throughout a typical day?   

As you can imagine, since I have three young kids, there are many bumps and bruises to deal with on a typical day.  That is why I created Hot/Cold Ouchy Bags.  They are perfect for when your little one feels they have a monster owie!  Just keep them in the freezer and get them out when needed.  I have found my kids will usually immediately calm down when I give them the ouchy bag.

They are great for bruises, bumps, muscle aches, headaches, ear aches, bug bites, bee stings, sunburns, fever relief, or just to cool down from a hard day of playing. Don’t limit these little monsters for just the kids! Adults can use them too for sinus headaches, backaches, muscle tension, and even to help reduce soreness and clogged milk ducts for the breast feeding mama.

With summer upon us, you might want to stock up on these little life savers.  Five new Hot/Cold Ouchy Bags were just listed in my baby boutique Two Zany Zebras!  Hurry in before they POOF and disappear!

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