Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never succumb to "pee" pressure

The minutes were ticking away and the count down was on for nap time.  It has been a crazy day and I was really looking forward to a few minutes of peace and quiet.  Silly Jilly was already sawing logs and Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie were getting themselves ready for their nap, while I continued working on making a banner for our soccer team.  Zany Janie came into the computer room for what I thought was a hug and kiss before her nap when she nonchalantly told me she had peed on Wacky Zacky's floor.  I was 100% sure I had not heard correctly so I asked her to repeat herself.  She said it again and walked out of the room as if it were no big deal and I wouldn't have 100 questions about it.  I charged down the hall still in disbelief, hoping they were just kidding.  Wacky Zacky confirmed that Zany Janie had indeed peed on his floor because he had told her to do it.  After further questioning, I became 100% sure without a doubt this had happened.  As that realization hit, my blood pressure skyrocketed and I calmly told them to go to their rooms because I had to think about what to do about the situation.

I walked downstairs to calm down and called Papa Z at work.  We discussed the issue and after I was calm I went back upstairs to talk about what had happened.  I found both kids huddled together on Wacky Zacky's bed.  They both looked scared and finally Wacky Zacky asked if the police were coming.  They thought I had called the police instead of Papa Z.  Wacky Zacky was sure Zany Janie was going to do hard time for her crime. 

So we talked about the issue and how we don't pee on the floor.  Zany Janie still claims she didn't know she wasn't suppose to pee on the floor~she's 4, she knows!  We had a discussion about how it's not nice to tell people to do something they know is wrong.  And finally we discussed peer pressure.  As I started talking about peer pressure Wacky Zacky stopped me and told me he already knew what it meant.  I was surprised, but thought maybe there had been discussion about it at school and I let him explain it.  He said, "It's when you're not suppose to pee hard on the carpet!".  Um, no sweetie that's "pee" pressure not "peer" pressure.

Lesson of the day:  Never succumb to "pee" pressure!

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kellykrisser said...

Excellent. Well, at least she told you before you found it by surprise.