Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cheap Form of Entertainment

Since we are living on one income we have to come up with inexpensive forms of entertainment. Lucky for us it still doesn’t take much to entertain Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie. Yesterday we went to the park to feed the ducks. Wacky Zacky can understand a lot of things now and when we told him on Sunday that we were going to feed the ducks on Monday he began to get excited. On Monday we got up and did our usual routine. Wacky Zacky insisted on carrying the bread for the ducks around the house while we got ready. On the way to the park Zany Janie didn’t know what was going on but was happy to be along for the ride. She giggled as Wacky Zacky repeatedly said, “Mommy, feed ducks? Feed ducks! FEED DUCKS!!” Less than 30 seconds before we pulled into the parking lot Wacky Zacky fell asleep. I guess his adrenaline was pumping all morning at the thought of going to the park which wore him out! I woke him up and told him we were at the park. He got really excited and started chanting “FEED DUCKS!” over and over. I decided to get Zany Janie out of the car first and into her stroller. I have learned first hand that if I get Wacky Zacky out first he will break free and run for the hills leaving behind a big dust cloud. Once everyone was out of the car we made the hike to the pond. Wacky Zacky led the way then decided after a few yards that uphill hiking was no fun! Unfortunately for him I was pushing the stroller and there was no way I was going to attempt to carry him and push the stroller up a hill. So he had to push on for the sake of the ducks!

Running down the hill was much more fun!!

Once we got to the pond he squealed with delight as he saw several ducks quickly making their way to us. He had a lot of fun flinging the bread into the pond. I was about to have a heart attack each time he flung the bread because he would jump in the air and fly forward landing a quarter inch from the pond's edge. I kept imagining myself having to jump in the pond to retrieve my flailing pond scum covered toddler. Fortunately we did not have to deal with that scenario-this time. Having a boy, I’m sure I am destined to deal with that situation or an equivalent scenario in the future!

Wacky Zacky flinging bread.

Zany Janie and the ducks in a stand-off!

We finished off the morning playing at the park and both kids were so exhausted that they took a long nap so I had some free time!! Yeah!!!

Zany Janie playing at the park in her bunny outfit.

Cost: 1 loaf of old bread-$0.50
Gas-$3.49 gallon
A few hours of peace while the kids slept-PRICELESS!!!!

Zany thought of the day: There are hundreds of things you can do, with or without your kids, that do not require money. It just takes an imagination, the internet, or word-of-mouth to find them. What was the last fun thing you did that did not cost money?

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