Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Terrible Twos or Challenging Day?

Today is one of those days. Those days that are few and far between-Thank God!-but never the less occur and throw me for a loop. From the moment I woke up with a smack to my face, from Wacky Zacky, I suspected it was going to be a challenging day. Some call it the “terrible twos” but I have a hard time believing that my precious angelic good natured boy could go through the “terrible twos”!

I always envisioned more of the “terrific twos” as we giggled and cuddled instead of dealing with tantrums.

This image started to shatter today as Wacky Zacky wiped maple syrup in my hair as I fed Zany Janie her breakfast. The best part of this was that I had to leave the house in less than an hour and couldn’t shower so I got to go out in public with sticky hair! The day just got better from there. I’ll list the joys I got to deal with throughout the day:

*Wacky Zacky got into the “child-proof” kitchen cabinets and dumped all of Zany Janie’s baby puffs on the floor. I raced to try to beat Scoozoo to the snacks. The two second rule still applies doesn’t it?
*When getting Zany Janie’s clothes out of her closet, Wacky Zacky snuck into his closet and ripped 20 things off the hangers.
*While cleaning up Wacky Zacky’s closet, he snuck into Zany Janie’s closet and flung 50+ diapers all around the room (thankfully they were unused!)
*While in the car Wacky Zacky kept throwing his sippy cup and untying his shoes then screaming for his cup and for his shoes to be tied. This is such a fun game when going 75 mph on a CA interstate!
*Wacky Zacky dumped a large bag of snacks in the car-on purpose (I saw him in the rearview mirror)-then became upset because he was starved for his snacks!
*At home he would not leave Zany Janie alone and continued to take toys from her or push her-whatever would upset her the most.
*When Zanie Janie was asleep in her crib, Wacky Zacky charged into her room and head butted her crib like a ram. Why? I don't even bother to wonder anymore!
*When I stepped out of the shower I was greeted with blizzard like conditions. Wacky Zacky had gotten the baby wipe box and had close to 100 wipes covering the floor.

The list could go on but I’ll spare you all the details of my fun filled day! You may ask, “Where’s the supervision?” The thing is that I’m right there. He’s a sneaky little booger! He waits until Zanie Janie has diverted my attention then he goes in for the attack! I’m starting to think the two may be in cahoots!

And yes, despite my family’s belief he does get disciplined! He is sent to time out. However, lately he seems to like being in time out and happily trots over to the bottom step. Due to the recent challenges Mama and Papa Z decided to buy a book on discipline and parenting. We read one chapter per night. Wacky Zacky seems to know something is up and will try to cause a commotion to sabotage the nightly reading. I think he likes the way things are now! So even though we had a day like today I’m still holding onto the hope that we will have the “Terrific twos” and I’ll keep believing that today was just a challenging day! Its days like today that help me appreciate all the other days! So thank you Wacky Zacky for giving me a day like today so I can fully appreciate tomorrow!

Zany thought of the day: Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or at your wits end? Try making a gratitude list! It may change your outlook on the day.

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