Sunday, April 13, 2008

Everything’s not A-OK at Sea World

Today we went to Sea World for the first time with the kids and their grandparents. There is so much to do there: Shows to see, rides to ride, yummy things to eat, animals to watch, etc…So many things for a 10 month old and a 2-year-old to love and fear. The kids loved everything about Sea World-the Beluga Whales, the Walrus (which was the favorite for the kids), the Shamu show, the aquariums, the petting reef, being face to face with an octopus, and watching people on the rides! Everything that is except for one little furry thing that brought both kids to screaming fits of terror. The downfall of Sea World for the Zany Family ended up being the least likely of suspects. He is red and furry and goes by the name of Elmo.

Loved by every child in America except for our two kids who after today may cower in fear anytime they hear the theme song to Sesame Street: “Sunny Day, Sweepin' the clouds away, On my way to where the air is sweet, Can you tell me how to get, How to get to Sesame Street, Come and play, Everything's A-OK…” We thought the 4-D Sesame Street movie would be the highlight of their trip. But oh how we were wrong! We got to the theater and played with the 3-D glasses while we waited to go in. I thought to myself “Oh how cute! Wacky Zacky loves to wear sun glasses so he will love these!” I was also feeling a little sad because Zany Janie was sound asleep and I thought she would enjoy the show. There were signs posted stating “You will get wet” but I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal because it was in a movie theater and they allowed infants to go in. We made our way in and found our seats. Zany Janie remained asleep nestled on my chest. Wacky Zacky was sitting on Papa Z’s lap waiting for the movie to start. The movie started and Wacky Zacky loved it! He kept his glasses on and sat back enjoying the movie. Then all things spiraled out of control as a character imagined being a fireman. All of a sudden everyone in the audience was sprayed with the fire hose. The cold blast of water woke Zany Janie up with screams and startled Wacky Zacky. Both kids continued to yell and scream and finally calmed down only to become scared when the pretend Sahara winds began to blow. Our kids were right on key howling with the wind. Finally they calmed down a second time and Wacky Zacky started freaking out about Cookie Monster chasing a cookie that busted into tiny pieces. Seriously at this point it seemed like we were watching a bad acid trip! Wacky Zacky kept burrowing into Papa Z’s chest but wouldn’t stop peaking at the screen which would lead to fits of terror. The final straw was when we were showered again with water causing absolute pandemonium to break out. The kids were completely hysterical. We jumped up and left the theater knowing that in the short 10 minutes we were in the theater it had created nightmares for the kids for the next several years!

Zany thought for the day: Expect the unexpected! Especially if muppets are involved.

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