Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The bucking bronco

One of the unimaginable things happened a few weeks ago. This is one of those stories you hear before you have kids and question if it’s even true. Once realizing it is indeed true, you may begin to question if you really want to have kids. So Wacky Zacky was happily playing in the family room and all of a sudden the room filled with a horrific smell. I asked him if he pooped his pants and he promptly says, “NO!” and saunters to the far side of the room away from me. Through experience I have learned this is the tell-tell sign that he indeed has pooped his pants. I glance into the kitchen and realize I’m the lucky one to change his diaper because Papa Z is busily cooking us dinner. I approach Wacky Zacky and feel the urge to cover my mouth and nose because the stench is horrible! That is when I realize he has had explosive diarrhea that has blown out his diaper and is all over his legs, chest, back and dare I say his hair too! I squeal in shock causing Wacky Zacky to run further from me. I quickly catch up to him and try to coax him to walk with me upstairs so we can take care of the mess. This is when he turns into a bucking bronco. With each kick and buck he smears poop on the couch, floor and me! I try to contain him but for anyone that has been to a rodeo knows this is next to impossible. I do my best to get him upstairs but not without smears of poop streaking the walls in our wake. I finally get him undressed and in the bath tub where he quickly calms down and cheers about being able to play in the water. I can honestly say this was one time in my life when a couple of rodeo clowns would have come in handy!

Zany thought of the day: Ever wondered what helps protect rodeo clowns from getting hurt? Well wonder no more my friend, I did a search and found this little tidbit of information for your thirsty mind! “The Clown lounge, as some call it, is made of heavy-gauge steel, weighs 175 pounds, and is lined with industrial foam rubber.” (quote link) I can’t think of anything I’d rather wear when a 3,000 pound bull charges me!

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