Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh Ami, you never really had a fighting chance...

We were excited to find out that Zany Janie would be receiving her first Barbie doll in the mail from her Uncle Boo Boo. Aunt Ju Ju did warn us that Ami, the Barbie doll, was a little on the strange side.

We received the box with much anticipation and quickly ripped into it. It was filled with lots of fun things for both Zany Janie and Wacky Zacky. Wacky Zacky lunged for the talking car and latched onto it not letting Zany Janie have her turn…That is until he caught his first glimpse of Ami.

At first sight both kids became extremely excited and both were vying for her attention. Papa Z and I sat frozen with a puzzled look on our faces. I’ve never seen a Barbie doll quite like Ami, who comes from a medical supply company called Medline. The box does state that “When it comes to standard precautions, Ami’s got it covered!” Well, they got that right! She looks to be ready for anything, including the Zany family, in her gloves, bouffant cap, face mask, and isolation gown. But oh how we were wrong…

Ami was taken out of the package and given to Zany Janie, who promptly began to mow her head. She was then quickly taken away from Zany Janie by Wacky Zacky, who had ditched his car in order to strip Ami of her bouffant cap, face mask, and booties. With this quick motion the Zany family was left in awe as we saw that Ami was wearing a sensible pair of white high heels. And here was a mystery solved! I have always wondered what people in the hospital were wearing under their shoe covers!

After the family recovered from being shocked by the high heels, Ami was given back to Zany Janie and the car was given to Wacky Zacky. Wacky Zacky threw a full blown temper tantrum over having to play with a car rather than with Ami. Poor little man! In the middle of this temper tantrum Zany Janie somehow managed to decapitate Ami, leaving her looking like something out of a really bad horror flick.

After awhile, Zany Janie tired of chewing on the decapitated head and put the doll down. I placed Ami’s head back on and left her on the table. A few minutes later this is what we found:

Wacky Zacky had taken all of Ami’s clothes off-gown and all-and was making her do acrobats.

Poor Ami…You never really had a fighting chance in our family!

Zany thought of the day: When strange things come into our lives we have a tendency to want to recoil from them. I hope someday we can all learn from children, like Wacky Zany and Zany Janie's experience with Ami, and learn to embrace the oddities in our world.


Samantha said...

Love the story! Every time I read it I laugh out loud! I have shared the story with many friends.

storybeader said...

she looked a little scary when I first saw her. No wonder the kids went crazy over her!

Andrea said...

That was a great story! And it's good to know that Ami is fashion conscious enough to wear sensible high heels under her shoe covers!