Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shakin' and bakin' in Dana Point

I say this every year, but I think this is the hottest I have ever been in my entire life! I can’t believe the searing heat wave that has swept through this nation. It has been over 100 degrees for several days now. Over this past weekend the Zany family decided to load up the car and try to escape the heat by going to visit Papa Z’s family in Dana Point.

I love Dana Point! The beaches are nice and it’s such a cutesy town. It’s also the place where Papa Z and I tied the knot!

The family got up early, went on a long walk, then headed to the beach. Even though Dana Point was overcast, it felt hot and humid. Regardless of our failed attempt to beat the heat we still had a blast at the beach.

Wacky Zacky put on a brave face for this picture. He still has not made up his mind if he enjoys the beach. For him the waves seem scary and the sand is yucky. As long as Papa Z or I held him he tolerated it.

Zany Janie on the other hand is a true blue beach bum! She had a blast at the beach. I am happy to say she took the day off of being the family sand taster.

Zany Janie had fun flinging sand at Wacky Zacky. She took full advantage of one of the few moments in her life where Wacky Zacky was being timid.
Zany Janie loved exploring the beach. She touched everything in her path. When Papa Z ran towards the ocean to swim, Zany Janie quickly crawled after him babbling "Dadadadada" which I'm assuming meant "Daddy, wait for me!"
Wacky Zacky finally found peace with the beach when he was able to sit on a blanket after having all the sand wiped from his feet.
Zany Janie attempted to catch sea gulls, but they were too quick for her. I think the sea gulls were in disbelief that someone so small was trying to mess with them.

It was a fun trip and despite the humidity it was much cooler than in our neck of the woods. Once home, we heard on the news that there was a heat advisory for Tuesday-Sunday. I can't even imagine what that means when we've been melting the past few weeks!

Zany thought of the day: A Western way of thinking is to eat hot dishes in the summer and cold dishes in the winter to promote good health. For me, I can't think of anything I'd rather avoid than a hot steaming bowl of soup when it's over 100 degrees out and a chilly popsicle when it's below zero!


roadrunnerkn said...

Oh Mama Z, those pics turned out SOOO cute!

storybeader said...

looks like you had a bunch of fun - must have been tired after the weekend. And great pics! That was a great link to Janie's sand tasting activities. Ya gotta love em, eh?

Cozy said...

Someone needs to keep the seagulls on their toes and at least for the moment she wasn't eating sand.

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

What a fun family :)

great photo's too

Stormy Designs said...

LOL cute pics & story, too much sand for Janie to taste it all.

TNT2008 said...

The water looks so good even right now (middle of the night). It is so HOT!

miesmama said...

Great pictures - looks like the perfect thing for a hot summer day.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great blog carnival post. Nice to get to know my Zany friend up close and more personal.

The view from the house (I assume) is awesome. I could tolerate that for a day...ummm I mean a lifetime or two!