Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's a boy gotta do to get a fish around here?

Wacky Zacky is 2 ½ years old and has finally started to really express an interest in using the toilet. I think it’s more the idea of using it, rather than the actual action that takes place on the throne that has enticed him. Whatever the case may be, Mama Z and Papa Z are excited for him to make the move from diapers to using the potty. We’ve had a baby potty as a decoration in our bathroom for about 6 months. He tricked us into thinking he was in need of one, but it has not gotten much action in the past 6 months. With his new enthusiasm for the potty, we decided to buy him a little toilet seat that sits on top of the regular toilet seat and prevents him from taking a plunge into the toilet scaring him from ever wanting to use the potty again. We also got him a little stool so he has a proper place to rest his weary feet. So now with all the proper equipment he is ready to become potty trained! I am proud to announce that over the weekend he did pee in the toilet!

So to answer the burning question: What’s a boy gotta do to get a fish around here? The answer is simple: Pee in the toilet!

Wacky Zacky is the proud owner of a Beta fish that he named Goldfish!

So with that being the case, does this mean we have to get him a pony if he poops?

Zany thought of the day: Did you know that studies show the average tear off the toilet paper roll is 5.90 squares? I’m not sure if I’m within the average, it has never been something I thought I needed to know, but you can be rest assured that I will check next time I’m in the bathroom!


Anonymous said...

I suggest hiding the salt & pepper shakers or at least relocating them for the fish's sake. Sweet little Lil is walking proof that pepper is not a good mix for our now dear departed beta. Congrats on the potty work though. What a big boy!

storybeader said...

the trials and tribulations of growing up. Cute story. Now I'm going to be counting squares where I ripped the t.p.! But do men even use toilet paper when they pee?

Bonny said...

woohoo! that's great! thanks for visiting my blog and your comment (enjoy your wings!) also, a friend of mine used little toilet paper fish for her son to "aim" at while potty training - worked like a charm!