Sunday, July 27, 2008

Strung out on Sushi

This past weekend Papa Z and I went out on a date without the kids. It was our first “date” since Zany Janie was born. We both love Sushi and decided to splurge on an all you can eat special at Miyagi Sushi. We have never been to Miyagi Sushi, but trusted the five star reviews we read about online. We had not had Sushi since May and were giddy at the thought of an all you can eat dinner. We enter the restaurant and were cheerfully greeted by three sushi chiefs, yelling, clapping, and cheering at our entrance. I was a little startled and began feeling an urge to bow and cheer myself; thankfully I kept my cool and just stood frozen in place. We get to our table, order the special, and were given an order form to mark. We did notice a sign on our table with the “rules” for the all you can eat special, which included:

1. Only the patrons who ordered the all you can eat special may eat the Sushi.
*Okay, that makes sense.

2. You may only order three times.
*Hmm…That was a little shocking, but since there was no limit on how much you could order, we thought we’d be alright.

3. NO leftovers! You may not take any sushi to go. An excessive amount of leftovers will be charged to your bill at full price.
*What! No leftovers? What if we order too much! Hmmm…This may be tricky!

So we make our first order: Gangster roll-yes I said Gangster roll…Did I mention the Sushi restaurant was located in San Bernardino? We also ordered the Las Vegas roll, the Tiger roll, the Eskimo Roll, Edamame, and Shumal (a shrimp dumpling). I must admit looking back on it, it was a lot of food, but we devoured all of it!

Our second order included: the Caterpillar roll, the Philadelphia roll, and an egg roll. I know we are gluttons! By the end of this round I was sweating and felt like a bird after a wedding! I was so full! I knew Papa Z would not let us leave until we had eaten enough to cover the cost of the special, so I asked him if we had covered the $24.00 per person cost. He did a quick tally and it was found that we had eaten a whopping $80 worth of Sushi. I was shocked, but my belly was shouting that it was not the least bit surprised. I was fine stopping at that point, but Papa Z thought we should push on, since we were entitled to round three. He tried to persuade me to order a spicy Scallop roll, but I had to pass telling him if I were to eat it I was afraid things would be shooting out of both ends! And yes, can’t you tell this was a very romantic date!

After much badgering to split something with him, Papa Z gave up and decided to order a 2-piece order of Crab and a Spicy Scallop. As we waited for his food we laughed and joked about the “No leftover” rule. The order came and I could tell by the look on his face that Papa Z was worried about being able to finish it. He plopped the first Spicy Scallop piece into his mouth, chewed for several minutes and almost had tears coming down his face. He finally swallowed and with forced enthusiasm tried to talk me into eat the second piece of sushi. Seeing through his fake enthusiasm I politely declined his “generous” offer. Next thing I knew Papa Z was scanning the restaurant and with one quick swoop he grabbed the second piece of Spicy Scallop and wrapped it up in his napkin uttering comments about the “No leftover” rule. I about peed my pants it was so hilarious.

I am happy to report Papa Z was able to finish off the meal and we did not get in trouble for having any leftovers. Papa Z was proud that we had consumed $90 worth of sushi. The sushi was excellent, the staff was friendly, and we got close to a standing ovation from the sushi chiefs as we waddled out of the place.

Overall, it was a great date and I’m happy to say after all these years, Papa Z you can still make me roar with laughter!

Zany thought of the day: Have you ever wondered why most Sushi restaurants have tinted windows? Sorry my friends, but I don’t have an answer for you! I guess it just makes for an ominess presence.


Dayna said...

Made me laugh....Almost didn't read it as I HATE SUSHI!

Wyles Style said...

I am not a sushi fan by any means, but I loved your story - it had me cracking up! Sounds like it was a blast!

storybeader said...

what a great story. Glad you two had fun. So, who ate the last spicy scallop roll that was "stolen" out of the building?

TNT2008 said...

I like sushi but I don't know about eating $90 worth!
My Mom laughs that hard; you know, where she almost wets her pants! I love that about her.:)

Paper Girl Productions said...

You can only order 3x?! That is so strange! I do love sushi and there's a restaurant that is almost similar to the one you went too! They charge per leftover sushi!!!