Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Does it suck or not?

I'm sure many of you have had the same frustrations I have had with vacuums. You go to the store where there are 100s of vacuum cleaners to choose from and they all vary greatly in price. I've made the mistake of purchasing the cheaper one thinking all vacuums are made the same, only to be upset when it breaks down after the third use. I've tried the middle range ones which guarantee to clean up even the dirtiest of messes, only to find they are not really effective. Then there are the ones that cost $500 and up. My thought is that if I'm going to pay for a vacuum that costs that much it had better just do the job for me without even asking-vacuum, empty it's own contents, and never break down.

I didn't realize what "real" messes were until I had children of my own. I'm sure it's hard to imagine, but Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie are Olympians when it comes to making messes. That's when I discovered the best vacuum cleaner in the world! It is much cheaper than a Eureka, it's quicker and easier to maneuver than a Dyson, and it doesn't rely on a computer like the Roomba. Almost sounds too good to be true-huh?

I would like to introduce to you the "Scoover":

He has been a blessing to have around the house. I didn't realize the effectiveness of the "Scoover" until the kids started to eat solid foods. He faithfully sits below the highchair waiting to sweep up any crumbs that may fall. He follows the kids around the house and cleans up any messes left in their wake. He can even get out those stubborn stains from grape juice. The kids even call for the "Scoover" when they need something cleaned up. He does all of this work without the slightest complaint! He's close to 6 years old and we've never taken him in to replace any parts! Unfortunately our "Scoover" is a one of a kind model, but I'm sure you could find a similar one at any local pet rescue league.

Zany thought of the day: Isn't it the best feeling when you realize an old tool or gadget laying around the house suddenly has an important use in your life?


SpottedCow said...

You know, I found out that I actually have to clean and sweep my kitchen floor a bit more often now that we no longer have a dog.

storybeader said...

I was going to recommend a model like Emma - our "drop it and out of sight in a second" model passed on last winter. A thought she was a one of a kind!
- I miss my Emma {:-(