Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Crazy Cat Lady

Aunt Ju Ju and Uncle Boo Boo sent Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie a Halloween box stuffed full of fun and spooky presents. I was warned by Aunt Ju Ju ahead of time that Uncle Boo Boo had done some shopping for the kids and they would be receiving a unique gift from him. At this point the Zany family expects unusual gifts from Uncle Boo Boo (i.e. See Ami) and look forward to seeing what unique toys he has found for the kids.

I must say Uncle Boo Boo did not disappoint! As the box was cut open there were shrieks from Wacky Zacky that could rival a room full of pre-teen girls at a slumber party. I didn't realize what the shrieks of joy were about until he plucked out of the box the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure with all her cats.

The candy, the books, and the other toys took back seat to Uncle Boo Boo's gift. At this point the Crazy Cat Lady and her cats are homeless, but we are hoping Zany Janie gets a doll house for Christmas so the Crazy Cat Lady can move on up to the high life. For now we store her in a special drawer. Wacky Zacky requests this toy by asking, "Mommy, Zacky wants Crazy Cat Lady Ju Ju." We can only hope the nickname sticks. It will be fun in a few years when Wacky Zacky and Zany Janie ask why we call Aunt Ju Ju the crazy cat lady!

Zany thought of the day: You may be a crazy cat person if you answer yes to several of these questions:
*Do you think cats are smarter than people?
*Do you have more cats than ex-boyfriends?
*Do you bring new boyfriends home so the cats can meet them?
*Do you buy the ice cream your cats prefer instead of the kind you like?
*Have you ever warned a guest not to sit on a specific piece of furniture because it belongs to the cats?
*Do you spend more on Christmas presents for your cat than for your family?
*Is the sheet of instructions for watching your cats while you're on vacation longer than a page?

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TNT2008 said...

I know people like this! I am all for taking care of puss and the others, but when they get clothed better than you?....