Monday, December 1, 2008

Great, now I have a fire-breathing dragon!

I drove home yesterday and Zany Janie fell asleep in the car. I'm lucky that I'm able to easily transfer her from her car seat to her crib without waking her. Wacky Zacky told me he wanted to stay downstairs while I took Zany Janie up to bed. I should have been suspicious, but was actually grateful because sometimes he will try to climb into the crib with Zany Janie. So up I went and all I heard was silence from downstairs. I quickly went back down and knew something was going on when I noticed one of the bar stools was missing. Wacky Zacky saw me and said, "Here mom, Zacky don't like these...But Scoozoo (our dog) does!" as he thrust an opened bag of chocolate covered coffee beans at me. I called my sister to get her input on what could happen if a dog ate chocolate covered coffee beans. Her wise words were, "Well, chocolate is poisonous to dogs, the coffee beans will probably make him hyper, and he will probably have fire shooting out of his a**!" I immediately thought, "Great! Now I have a hyper fire-breathing dragon on my hands!"
Zany thought of the day: Do you have a favorite food that you love to indulge in, but it always leaves you feeling like you are shooting fire out of your a**? Yeah, me too...unfortunately it doesn't keep me from eating it!


Jamie said...

Haha, hot wings for sure ;-) Although my nursing baby isn't too fond so I've had to take a break, hehe. My pup got into Chocolate donuts one night and couldn't sit still for two days...he was bouncing off the walls...but he survived, hehe! Thanks for sharing your funny story!

Tonda said...

I think it really depends on the amount of chocolate and the size of the dog

Oh and I LOVE your blog!

storybeader said...

hope the doglet is ok! I've heard about the dogs and chocolate before too. At least Zack didn't eat any of the coffee, now did he? You would never get him to bed!

KRISTI said...

probably a good reason for us not to get a dog :)