Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Messy Mac-N-Cheese

This is what five minutes alone with Mac-n-cheese can do to a girl.

Zany Janie actually had to have a bath after she ate lunch today. I think her food was even embedded in our dog Scoozoo's hair! Here I thought since the bibs had been packed away we would not see messes like this anymore...Guess I was wrong!

Zany thought of the day: If you go to a spa they seem to have several odd treatments you can get-a sugar scrub, something with seaweed, sitting in mud, etc...What's the oddest spa treatment you ever endured?


SpottedCow said...

Aw, that's an easy clean up. Wait until she stomps in a mud puddle and gets covered head to toe, we're talking dripping with mud (from the hair, clothes stained, black socks ahem, they were white)...AND fills the brand new shoes she's wearing with MUD...She manages this because she escapes your clutches as you are on your way out the door....THAT, MamaZ is a mess! LOL.... So see, this was an EASY mess to clean up after, right?

Tonda said...

She looks so much like Jack! (but girly) And whats crazy is he could do that... or worse with 5 minutes alone. Now I know why Jack likes her so much... they look alike and eat alike

storybeader said...

she has the cutest face! looks like she got in mom's makeup! BTW, never been to a spa!