Monday, February 2, 2009

Sissy went pissy!

The unbelievable happened in the Zany house last night...We were watching the Super Bowl and Baby Zany Janie came up to me and asked to go "pee pee in potty". Up to this point we have gone through the ringer with multiple attempts to potty train Wacky Zacky, but have not focused at all on Zany Janie-take it one at a time right? I thought what the heck, it couldn't hurt anything so I decided to let her sit on the small potty in the corner of the bathroom. She quickly informed me the blue "baby potty" was not fit for a princess and demanded to be placed on the royal throne. She sat up there high and mighty for close to a minute and said she was done without any action. She was praised for her attempt and was redressed. Twenty seconds after leaving the bathroom she informed me she had to go "pee pee in potty". The cuteness of her first attempt going to the bathroom quickly dissipated as I realized this was going to happen every twenty seconds for the rest of the evening. We did a U-turn and returned to the bathroom. Zany Janie quickly pushed the stool up to the toilet so I understood the blue "baby potty" was not to be considered as an option. I undressed her and put her back on her throne. She grinned and giggled and to my amazement peed in the toilet! Papa Z and I did the pee pee song and dance and Zany Janie got a small candy treat. Papa Z, the witty guy he is said, "Sissy went pissy!" Why yes Papa Z she most certainly did! Then he asked, "Does this mean we have to get her an animal?" (See here)

Zany thought of the day: I will leave you with a statement Papa Z said shortly after Zany Janie peed in the potty-Mind you I never thought I'd hear these words uttered from his mouth: "I guess your breed is a little smarter!"


Stormy Designs said...

LOL congrats on the potty accomplishments :-)

Tonda said...

OMG Thats great!!!Maybe this will make her brother want to go now. I had a friend whos little sister was trained way befor ehim and sh was 2 years younger... so maybe she is ready :) Jack says he has to poop but never does it when I put him on.
Does her brother seem intrested now that his baby sister used it?

KRISTI said...

cngratulations! your breed. love it. zuzu never took to big brother's old plastic potty either. she just pulls herself up onto the big throne and screams "leave me alone!"