Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tots and T-ball

After months of discussion about T-ball; purchasing a T-ball set, a tiny glove, and cleats; and countless hours of practicing in the house the day finally arrived! Wacky Zacky had his first T-ball practice last night. I must say I'm not sure it was anywhere close to what he had pictured in his mind. It was a windy and cold evening and the 3 and 4-year-olds looked so cute all bundled up. One of the first drills the kids did was to pretend to hit a ball with an imaginary bat and run to first base.

I think Wacky Zacky was puzzled why he had spent so many hours hitting a foam ball on a stick when it was just going to be pretend. Wacky Zacky is much like his Mama and tends to have a shy personality. He was bashful and stuck to Papa Z like glue throughout the practice. The next drill was for each kid to hit the ball while everyone else was in the field.

Wacky Zacky isn't too sure about his love for fielding especially when there seems to be a Jumanji raid every time the ball is hit. It is basically a free-for-all where the sweet innocent tots become crazed baring teeth, flinging arms, and shoving their way to be the one to retrieve the ball. I must say I'm glad I'm not out there trying to fight for the ball because those are some tough shorties!

When Wacky Zacky took his turn up to bat I am happy to say he knocked it out of the ball park!

Well, to me it seemed like it was a home run, but I guess I am the Mama and believe everything he does is the best!

Zany Janie spent her time at the ball park flirting with the Coach's grandson in the dug out! She too takes after her Mama...

The practice ended with the kids getting their baseball shirts and hats.

GO A's!!!!!!!!

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