Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting into the swing of summer

We are in the full swing of June which typically means HOT weather for those of us in sunny Southern California. However, the past few weeks have been atypical. We usually have sunny skies and heat that pushes 90-100 degrees. Here lately we have been experiencing the "June Gloom" that the beaches usually encounter with cloudy skies and unseasonable temperatures in the 60's-lower 70's. I absolutely love it! I can live without the extreme heat! Despite the cooler temperatures there have been signs that summer is here:

Breaking out the flip flops!

Trips to the beach!

Eating mud pies!

And days at the ball park anticipating catching a fly ball!

I hope the heat holds off as long as it can because I know come July we will be soaking in the tiny inflatable wading pool arguing over who gets which water toy just to stay cool!

Zany thought of the day: Is it me or does it seem like when you were a kid summer was such a big deal, but the older you get the less appealing it becomes?


storybeader said...

it's not just you, MamaZ! I feel the same way, and I don't even have little ones running around!

CraftGirlAlli said...

I agree. But when we were kids, we had summer vacation to look forward to. And now we don't. We still have our work to do in the summer, so it doesn't seem as fun! But you have to agree...watching your kids enjoy the summer is great too!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

LOVE the pics :)

Anonymous said...

Ali said it best!

Love the pix of you and your family! And those temps, we could live with that just fine!

Becky said...

Our weather has been exactly the same, we're in a rainy slump right now! If it didn't save me from the watering the garden, it might be depressing! :D

Splendid Little Stars said...

great photos! I especially love "mud pies!"
When I was a kid summer was lazy and l-o-n-g. I played and played all day with my neighborhood friends. I still love summer. However, now I have responsibilities. So that makes it different.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

We're having cooler than normal temps. here in IA too.
Gotta say that I still look forward to summer like I did when I was a kid :)

TiLT said...

that's great - love the pics...we are experiencing June Gloom here's about 10 degrees cooler than normal - which i prefer too :)

uniquecommodities said...

gorgeous family! I feel you on Summer!