Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arrr Matey...The treasure hunt is over!

So the hunt for the buried treasure is finally over! Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out this post to read the first chapter of this tall tale. To pick up where we left off, Papa Z was on vacation and thankfully took on the duty of digging for the buried treasure. Unfortunately the quarter did not pass by Tuesday so back to the doctor we went. Papa Z volunteered to take Wacky Zacky to the MD leaving Zany Janie and me at home, but I opted out thinking I really wanted to be involved in finding out any information as soon as possible. So all four of us went to the Pediatric Urgent Care at 6:00 PM-yeah, looking back on it I'm not sure what I was thinking...And we waited...And we waited...And we waited...Waiting any length of time with a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old is absolutely miserable! Papa Z reminded me a few times that I was the one who chose to be there. After the kids devoured almost all the snacks in the diaper bag in 2 minutes flat we were stuck waiting without any bargaining tools. We were finally called back to the tiny office only to wait some more where we played every game imaginable to entertain the rambunctious twosome, who were now about to bounce off the walls from being in such a confined space. Finally after all the waiting the MD came into the room to tell us we could head on over to the X-ray department then come back for the results. Um, thanks, but why did we just wait 1.5 hours for you to tell us that?! So off to get an X-ray...

In the meantime, Zany Janie decided she needed to go potty and I took her to the restroom while Papa Z took Wacky Zacky for the X-ray. I was really creeped out because the restroom was in a very secluded area with no one around. Anyone could have come into the restroom, locked the door, and done who knows what without anyone even hearing us yell. So I encouraged Zany Janie to hurry only to have her take her sweet time. After 3 minutes of no "potty action" I told her we needed to get out of there. She yelled that she wasn't done. So after two more minutes of nothing I took her off the potty and we left. She began a tantrum that must go down in history as one of the most dramatic tantrums ever! I'm sure I looked like I was kidnapping her because I ran out of the bathroom and down the hall pushing her in her stroller with her wailing and me thinking I was sure something was chasing us...I have a very vivid imagination.

By the time we had all calmed down Wacky Zacky was done with his X-ray and all four of us headed back to the MD office to wait for the results. This time to entertain the kids Papa Z and I took turns drawing on an electronic doodle pad. We were all having fun until Zany Janie requested I draw Tinker Bell. Drawing is not my forte', but I think I do a good enough job to entertain a 2 and 3-year-old. I drew my best Tinker Bell and proudly showed the kids. Zany Janie burst into tears screaming that it wasn't Tinker Bell and adamantly ordered me to draw Tinker Bell. I thought it was a decent sketch of Miss Tink and knew I couldn't do any better so our fun abruptly ended.

Finally the MD came into the room with the X-ray and showed us that the quarter had not only remained in Wacky Zacky's stomach, but had actually moved up and away from the intestines. She told us to keep checking the stools and to meet with Wacky Zacky's pediatrician on Thursday morning if it had not passed. She said the specialists may need to be called to remove the quarter. We were also informed that Mr. Wacky Zacky was "full of poop" and needed to start drinking prune juice to get things going. So we left the place around 9:00 PM upset the quarter had not moved and worried that Wacky Zacky might need surgery. We headed to the parking garage where I began to get violently sick. I vomited and dry heaved louder than ever and got to hear all the noises echoing throughout the garage. I must say that morning sickness sure does visit at the most opportune times!

So Wacky Zacky began a regiment of prune juice. On Wednesday we decided to go to the San Diego Zoo. The drive took us 45 minutes longer than normal because every 10-15 minutes Wacky Zacky said he had to go poop. Each time Papa Z and I would panic thinking please let us make it to a bathroom-all the while being fully aware of how much prune juice Wacky Zacky had ingested. Each time we stopped Wacky Zacky basically told us it was a false alarm. We spent the day at the zoo ushering him in and out of bathrooms. Papa Z must have gone through a whole pack of latex gloves.

By Thursday the quarter still had not passed and we went back to the MD in the morning. This time they had us go directly in for X-rays and sent us home stating they would call us to discuss the results. After 1/2 an hour we got the call telling us the quarter was finally in his intestines! They estimated the quarter would be out of Wacky Zacky's system by Sunday. We ran a few errands and went out to lunch. While at lunch Wacky Zacky kept going to the bathroom and after several times he ran out of the bathroom shouting, "Mommy, I pooped money! Mommy I pooped money!" Papa Z had attempted to instruct Wacky Zacky to wait to tell me his news until he was sitting at the table and not to shout it in the restaurant, but it was too good of news not to be shared with with whole world!

We are so relieved to have this treasure hunt over with, but this quarter turned out to be worth a lot of money. It cost us $65 in MD visits, gas money, and a tremendous amount of stress. And for all of you who are curious, it was an Arizona state quarter.

Zany thought of the day: Hmmm....I wonder when would be the best time in the future to break out this story and quarter? Perhaps a gift for Wacky Zacky on his wedding day?

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Charlee said...

engagement party is the day to get that out!