Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yes, you read the title correctly. The Stay-at-home-moms group I belong to did a Trunk-or-Treat play date. Instead of going from house to house to trick-or-treat, we went car to car to trunk-or-treat! The kids loved it and had a great time!

Zany Janie dressed up as a beautiful Tinkerbell fairy with wings. She even let me put her hair up in a pony tail, which typically lasts 5 minutes max on most days, but she decided to leave it in so she could look just like Tinkerbell!

Wacky Zacky was Spiderman and the picture below may be the only one I get of him actually wearing his mask!

Zany thought of the day: What was your most memorable Halloween Costume? Mine was dressing up as a witch where I painted my face green, wore a long black wig, and had a witches hat. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show you...It was long before we had digital photos.


CraftGirlAlli said...

That sounds fun! I was a witch many times too! I think my mom still has all the pieces of the costume lol.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pic of them on your doorstep! I don't think I've ever seen Zany looking so dainty!

storybeader said...

gosh, I can't remember what I used to dress up as. I guess the latest fashion, before I got too old, and that wasn't "cool" anymore. I think one year I wore overalls, and had some kind of farm implement!

The kids look adorable - lucky you got a picture! {:-D

Anonymous said...

The witch was your favorite costume?? Weren't you like 16 or 17 at the time??? I might even have some old pictures of that! :)

Your loving sister