Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Yesterday the Zany family went on a wonderful adventure thanks to Papa Z's parents. They got us tickets to see The Princess and the Frog movie which included The Ultimate Disney Experience. We were not sure what to expect, but Zany Janie and Wacky Zacky knew it had something to do with Princesses so they were completely on board!

We arrived to the Walt Disney Studios to find an opportunity to meet and talk to Mickey Mouse! Then we headed to the movie theater where they had the most comfortable seats I've even been in while at a movie! The kids were good during the movie and seemed to enjoy themselves. We did learn Zany Janie has a love for Jazz music because anytime a song came on during the movie she couldn't help herself from moving and shimming around uncontrollably!

After the movie, the real fun began with "The Ultimate Disney Experience". We went to a building which had TEN Disney Princesses waiting to meet you. Zany Janie shuttered with excitement while Wacky Zacky had a slight snarl on his face. Wacky Zacky said he didn't want to meet the Princesses "Because they were not boys" so Papa Z and Wacky Zacky decided to head to the game room while Zany Janie and I made our rounds to meet each Princess. Zany Janie was hilarious barreling up the stairs as fast as she could to meet each Princess. She would rush into their arms and give them a huge bear hug then begin touching their costumes asking questions. The Princesses were wonderful and patient with each child and took time to talk with them and pose for pictures.

Over half way through meeting each Princess Zany Janie began to get even more brave. She started talking about how she wanted to touch the "pretty" (AKA bows, tieras, etc...) in the Princesses hair. The way Zany Janie was acting I began to get fearful she was going to yank off a wig or tear off pieces of the costumes. At this point several people had come up to me to comment on how "cute" Zany Janie's excitement was with the Princesses. It did seem rather "cute", that is until she rushed the stage on Mulan and nearly knocked her flat on the ground! Mulan kept her composure, but you could tell she was a little timid of this little beastie! Next we saw Belle from Beauty and the Beast, which Zany Janie had been chomping at the bit to meet since we walked into the place. I was feeling anxious about how Zany Janie would act, but when it was her turn to go onto the stage she excitedly walked up and gave her a nice hug and began talking to her. I felt the knot leave my stomach and watched happily as they had a great conversation. Right before Zany Janie left the stage, Belle asked her if she wanted to take a picture together. I got my camera ready while they began getting into a pose and out of the corner of my eye I saw Zany Janie flying through the air and coming down belly flop style right on top of Belle! She fell backwards, but thankfully did not completely fall on her back! She quickly sat up as if nothing happened and tried to get into a pose with Zany Janie again. Once again Zany Janie tried to jump up as high as she could and land in Belle's lap. I'm not sure what she was doing, but Belle was ready this time and grabbed her tightly for the picture and sent her on her way. I did notice as we later walked by that Belle would not make eye contact with Zany Janie!

This experience was so much fun and one I'll never forget!

Zany thought of the day: So what star would you rush the stage and do a belly flop into their lap for?

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Tonda said...

What a wonderful thing for her to experience!