Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My baby rattler

I will begin this story by stating I rarely use the word hate, but when it comes to snakes I must admit I HATE them! We live in an area in Southern California where rattlesnakes are prevalent. You can talk to almost anyone in our community and they have their own tale of a run in with a rattlesnake. The Zany family has been fortunate enough not to have any close encounters with those nasty creatures. Nevertheless, when I am out in the community it's always in the back of my mind that one could be lurking close by...

While Wacky Zacky was at school we decided to go for a walk. Zany Janie was in the jogging stroller and Silly Jilly was tethered to me in a Moby Wrap. We were half an hour into the walk when I started hearing a soft rattling noise. I scanned the area and saw over grown bushes and lots of shady areas which would be perfect hiding places for a rattlesnake. I briskly walked away from the area making every attempt to remain calm. A few more feet down the street I started to hear the rattling sound again and this time it was louder! I quickly moved the stroller towards the street scanning the bushes for any movement. My mind was racing at this point and I was sure the first noise had been a baby rattlesnake and now I was close to it's mama! So I continued on our walk wanting to get off of this snake ridden street vowing I would never walk on it again! Next thing I knew there were loud rattling sounds coming from who knows where and I went into total flight mode and began running as fast as I could while pushing Zany Janie with one hand and grasping Silly Jilly with the other.

Once I was at a safe distance away from the source of the noise I stopped to catch my breath and check on Silly Jilly who had just gone on "Mr. Toads Wild Ride"! That's when I heard it, softly at first and gradually getting louder-a rattling noise was coming from Silly Jilly. I then realized Silly Jilly had a big booger hanging out of her nose that made rattling noises as she breathed in and out. Apparently the street wasn't overrun with snakes...It was just my Silly Jilly! A common mistake made by many I'm sure!

Zany thought of the day: Besides mistaking a booger for a rattlesnake what are other common mistakes you have made?


CraftGirlAlli said...

lol...I think I would have freaked out just like you did!

Anonymous said...

You're so funny. Now you're going to REALLY hear one and your first thought will be to get Jilly a tissue.