Tuesday, July 27, 2010

E is for Exercise

I have always been an active person.  I love sports and would rather play something than watch it.  I went through a difficult time with Silly Jilly's pregnancy, early on I had a few problems and had to modify my exercising.  Then I had an emergency C-Section which put exercising on hold for another 8 weeks.  Once I was able to start back up, I found myself so out of shape that it was no longer fun and to be honest trying to workout absolutely sucked!  I slowly started to exercise and found I disliked it so much that I had to put a lot of effort into actually getting myself up off the couch to even begin some form of it. 

My options were limited.  I couldn't afford to join a gym.  The gym at our clubhouse didn't provide childcare and didn't allow kids in the workout room.  There's no way I could run pushing all three kids!  It wasn't until I came across the WII EA Sports Active that I began to enjoy exercising again.

It provides several full body workouts to choose from with 15 minute to one hour sessions.  You can even create your own workout on it.  Just from using it for a few months, I have lost weight and noticed some definition coming back.  My workouts are finally becoming enjoyable again.  The program also keeps me in check because the remotes make sure you are doing each exercise correctly and will not let you move forward in the workout until all reps are completed.  No more cheating!

The kids also love to follow along with the routines, but don't count on them being there and supporting you during the harder exercises.  You can find them sprawled out on the couch complaining about how hard it is and when will it be over?

This program may not be for everyone, but for me it has been a lifesaver!

Zany thought of the day:  What's your favorite form of exercise?

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