Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Glitz and Glamour

It doesn't happen too often, but I recently had one of those moments where I had to live and learn.  I wear very minimal make-up and I'm not really loyal to any one brand.  So every time I go shopping for make-up I end up with something different.  I recently ran out of pressed powder and was browsing the isles for something new.  I came across a pressed powder bronzer with four different colors in it.  The colors were all on the light side so I decided I'd try substituting my pressed powder for a bronzer.  For those of you who are old pros with make-up I"m sure you are probably gasping in horror!  I didn't know any better!

So the next day I was running late and quickly applied the bronzer to my face just like it was pressed powder.  It was really hot outside so I had the lights off to try to keep the bathroom cooler.  Off I rushed to take the kids to story time at the library.  It wasn't until I pulled into the parking lot of the library and did a booger check (come on, you all do it!) that I realized that I looked like a cross between: 

A vampire from the Twilight Series


Snookie from Jersey Shore

 Let me tell you, it was attractive!  I guess you live and learn!  The Zany kids  have no clue how cool their Mama is!  I'm guessing they will let me know just how cool I am when they are teenagers!


Charlee said...

Ok my secret for that is I use mineral powder foundation so its a 2in1 product I get one color for summer usually a 3 and then a 2 for the not so tan parts of the year. The best part of minerals they blend in better and don't give you that spray tan look!

storybeader said...

I'm lost when it comes to make-up... always have been, always will, I guess....