Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fast Friends

Silly Jilly and Scoozoo have quickly become fast friends.  They have recently found they both can offer each other something.  Silly Jilly is finally eating baby food and is becoming messier and messier, which Scoozoo knows from being around Zany Janie and Wacky Zacky this will eventually lead to lots of food dropping to the ground for him to eat. 

Silly Jilly has a serious love for water.  Much to my dismay, she has recently discovered Scoozoo's water bowl.  With her recent mobility, I find her splashing in Scoozoo's water bowl on a regular basis. 

There's nothing like food and water to bond a dog and baby for life!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE! I love the look on her face, like "Mom, could you leave us alone for a little while? We have business to discuss"