Sunday, December 12, 2010

A message for the Tooth Fairy

About a month ago Wacky Zacky lost his first tooth.  Well, I should actually say he ate his first loose tooth.  Since he was the oldest of our children we were not sure what to expect from the tooth fairy.  Papa Z and I had not had visits from the tooth fairy since the early 1980's and we were guessing things may have changed a little since the "old days".  Since Wacky Zacky ate his tooth he decided to leave a note for the tooth fairy.  You can see how that went here!  As expected the tooth fairy came in the middle of the night and left money in Wacky Zacky's tooth fairy pillow.  What was not expected was the trail the tooth fairy left in her wake...Nearly every square inch of Wacky Zacky's room was covered in fairy dust.  I'm not kidding!  There was an obvious trail leading from the window to his tooth fairy pillow.  Then from the pillow the fairy dust was just all over the place.  She really left her mark!  A few days later Wacky Zacky lost his second tooth and the tooth fairy's presence was known the minute I woke up and found fairy dust all over the house!  Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate her visits!  I'm sure she is doing all this work for free, but if anyone has contact with the tooth fairy-whether it be through email, facebook, twitter, etc...could you please tell her to lay off the fairy dust?  It's a month later and I'm still finding it everywhere!

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